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  1. Barbarossa

    Burned Items

    Böyle bir şey es kazara yapılırsa o anvilde yaktığım bütün itemleri geri talep ederim. @GM_Thanos
  2. I'm here with a 'first' again.😅 Coming soon;Iron Necklace.😎
  3. When i added _hate_ to my clan all drama started.now u with him in a party at cz.i understand how much you hate 'scammers'.Drama is over,chaos is rising.i said my last word.
  4. asdasdjmwqnbjkenqwjkeqweqweqdasaadasd
  5. daskljfsdjkfgbhjsfdfbfsdhfbhjsdfhsdjkfnbhjksdfnısdhnfkjmsdöfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf
  6. I'm sure it is.You or him is lying.I'm trust him.The case has been closed for me.
  7. scammers or abusive is the same for me and yes i think the same thing for u.
  8. buddy _hate_ had been in that clan for months.they didn't give him anything.Is the only criminal _hate_?Come on.we also stopped playing when we were going to join _hate_ to the clan.this was not planned.finally Harunga is in your clan.if it closes with apologizing,we will close the case like that. @Sculpy
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