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  1. You know jack shit. I bet you would like all banned characters to be unbanned. You don't have to be a genius to understand why.
  2. You can keep saying whatever you want. You weren't part of blood, you have no idea what went on in there yet you claim to know without any sort of proof or evidence. No single player is strong enough to prevent an entire clan from PKing and if you think so you are DELUDED. I never thought about going to PK while in blood only to tell myself: "Oh shit, Sinister and Relvie told me not to". WTF??? In fact, it was many people that were discouraged and unmotivated to PK with the atmosphere that GamblerS created in the server back then, which created a groupthink in Blood of not wanting to PK. Do I blame it solely on GamblerS? No, I definitely think that the leadership in Blood drove a defeatist attitude that didn't help anything. But GamblerS nonchalantly watched the server die only to eventually be revived by some people (that you like to bash occassionally, by the way) that made good decisions to keep things going. I will repeat again for those who have trouble with their reception- I am not defending Sinister, I don't really care about him or what happens, I don't know the guy. I was a relatively short time in Blood and have no particular attachment to this clan. I have said enough on the matter and this is behind us.
  3. Ayrinti stole an isiloon yesterday with less than 1 party by staying with a mage near isiloon, waiting for orcs to attack the humans that took the isiloon to 5% hp and tping a couple of melees and drainers. If there is a clan that completely ruins it for the entire human side and orc side its this clan. But this doesn't have anything to do with this guys shitty attitude.
  4. https://ibb.co/X8jmfKY https://ibb.co/X5n048H Someone clearly woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning.
  5. No tears whatsoever- just pure rationality- which you clearly, lack. If you did, you would be able to explain to me how exactly I am "crying" in this post. If you can't distinguish and outright come out against cheats vs refraining from PK (if there is such a thing in the rulebook), than I think that just hits the nail on the head and speaks for itself. And before some people start to get triggered in this server like little snowflakes, this is not coming to blame any particular player but goes towards solely the subject matter.
  6. Not true. He did not force anyone to do anything it was more or less a collective decision. I'm not saying everyone didn't want to pk, but have enough people not going to pk and the rest don't have anyone to pk with. It's sort of reinforcing itself. So you are attributing way too much credit to the guy. And I don't have any particular opinion on this disban issue, which may come as a surprise to all those who claim that I am inherently loyal to blood, that is although I spent a lot more time in this server in rememberme than blood. Now my question is: Who destroys pk in this server more- Someone that doesn't go pk along with more people, which is completely within the rules of the game, or someone that uses highly undetectable cheats while pking? I think we all know the answer to this question.
  7. Shagala

    Burned Items

    Sounds exactly like your brother 🤣😅
  8. Who in our clan loves you? Hint: No one. Why? Because you are an obstacle to the clan getting even better. A small one, but an obstacle. Simple as that. High Landers will continue to gear up clannies while you will hog all the drops.
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