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  1. Or nikos do those steps i said or relaunch are the only miracles capables to bring activity. You saw what happened when twostar accepted it. Lost 40 players by winning around 300 on each timezone. Psdt: add kurians plox
  2. Obviously was not the best decision, but the idea itself its fine. Problem comes when 75% of server has same pk skills as my dog and they prefer wait or give it to the opposite nation than fight for it.
  3. Sry nikos but you listened 2 syndrome downs, its 42 ice who slows not 72, anyway thats the most tiny issue to fix.
  4. This aint the proper post/moment to troll/bully nobody. Note who is the one saying it pls.
  5. Not delete, reset nps its enought. You dont want an old player misses the chance to come back.
  6. Few points can resurect a server : 1 ) Newcommers shall be able to pk in the first min they enter server, yes this is a myko based server but we run on 2020 and if u want come a server where players advantage you more than 6 months you need have a chance to pk to have fun after work etc. ( flame rings etc +0 , bdw set +0 Shells +7 ) old players will keep his advantage but newcommers can run on cz with those. 2) Farm for big groups: Actually the best way to farm here is soloing and it reduces the chance of a full clan to come and get geared toghether. Dark mares shall drop gold bars not silver bars for example. 3) Mages nikos mages mages, they kill a lot die a lot , they keep the pk alive. I know mages its a delicate theme with those rings u adding. But the true is nova dmg is ridiculous and staff 72 too high( on ice mages 72 staff never shall slow btw) 4) Npc to spend nps and get cap items, chitin shield, iron set, chd,hb etc. It has doble positive effect, players got a funny way to get items and newcommers wont see 25 players near 1m nps. 5) Add real game masters dude My 2 cents are given, ill be somewhere else patiently waiting such as a lot more that i talk with they daily.
  7. Amigo esque eres la mezcla perfecta entre growmaster y oldprofessional. Eres una Diana andante para las burlas.
  8. He wish u a merry christmas to you and your relatives.
  9. Malbarosa its a nice spaniard beach.
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