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  1. Dont see how this helps this topic. But yes, we had other things to do, we are here for the long run bro.
  2. Absolute madness! I've recived nothing but love from Relvie and blood clan. However you put it you cant be seriously thinking, that relvie. Who has no priors would all of the sudden start npt? Like really? You cant have fun in this server and pk "Naked"? The dude has all acessories and no armour. why dose it matter that much as an archer? If he get caught up by a sin hes dead anyway. Armour dont save lives, People do! And right now you are killing the orcs with this!
  3. Well, I finally did it. I Npc;ed an item like a muppet. Character name : Woah Time/date : 10/12/19 about 07:37 - 07:39 Moaradon human sundries Item : Elysium +7 Thanks for any help!
  4. Hello! Did a trade just before clan war. I traded a clanmate "Itzsynical" my FT belt +1 and it dissapeared. We both relogged after war and its still missing. Thanks for any help. /SweetHearts
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