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  1. What bigger statue are you talking about?? He already the highest NPs in Human nation, there is nothing to chase or you are blind that you cant see .
  2. Thanos, you can say whatever SHIT you want. But its clear you have problem with Glad since last time. So you are using that as reason. What I can say to you be profesional and stop using your stupid grudge.
  3. @GM_Thanos Are you saying that each time we farm or PK we have to log 3-4 characters just to see what our other character is doing or parked??? I dont play here often now but what I have noticed, there is alot of new nonsense bug, at 1 second i see my warrior at entrance of castle and when i look from my Assasin, my same warrior is nearby the monument. If the admin cant fix the problem then stop banning people for NOOOO FUCKING REASON! Either you fix the bug properly or find a better reason to admit that you cant fix the bug... but either way stop banning people based on what you s
  4. Glitch??? HAHAHAHAHA First of all, please mind your words on calling other noobs. IF I'm using " Glitch " or any other software as you said then I''m pretty sure @nikos32 can check it. If you want to report something, then report this video which I attach together. The only advise I have for you as you clannie love to say " STOP CRYING "
  5. Thats impressive, you offered him 15GB for the BDW Ring but when I asked how much you selling the WE +0, you said 17GB, . So, you trying to say WE+0 is more expensive compared to BDW Ring?? Comeon TheJudge, grow up please.
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