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  1. On 25th February, around 1210 server time. Me ( iAmArvin ), Lexy and AllTimeChampion was at CZ roaming around then we found this mage Otis at ego and we killed him. After that he kept coming down from base towards beast and we kept killing him, this happens around 20 times, or more/less. JUST TO CLARIFY THAT THIS IS NOT NPT as im sure @nikos32 can check it. Btw, this is nothing important but for me its necessary to post since I'm sure some of the opposite nation are just finding reason to flame after this and not interested to reply any other players who gonna flame on this topic. https:/
  2. I don't know if players are able to choose in what currency they want to pay. Because I never donate before.
  3. That's what I meant earlier, turkish players only spending 57-58 USD for 11500KC and non turkish players have to spend 80USD for 11500KC. There is around 22USD difference. So, might as well drop the USD price to make it fair
  4. 1 TL = 0.13 USD, so 450TL x 0.13 = 57-58USD From where you get 1tl is 8 $?
  5. Why turkish only paying 57usd ( converted ) and non turkish paying 80usd?
  6. I personally feel that staff should do something about the scammer, example like return back the item's to clan leader or the owner of the item's but not as bad as ban the player on first scam. Those scammer can be banned on 2nd attemp of scam and on 3rd attemp on scam which will lead to IP address ban. If staff don't take any action on those scammers, that would lead to alot of scam cases in this server and that is very unhealthy. When this kind of cases exist in server which staff don't take any actions, will lead to good and active farmers to leave the server due to unjustice. That is just
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