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  1. @nikos32 In the mean time, do you have any suggestions for people who are actively playing? Pretty much no drops(boss, frags etc), anvil is burning almost everything and it is impossible to find people selling stuff. Just trying to stick around:D
  2. Buy List HB + 7 600 Bravery Awards 1 x BDW Ring Fire Sell List II+8 2 x imir +1 (1 Left) 1 hand Giantic +7(Light) 2 x fr +0 1 x Chitin Shield Voucher Pm me here or in game "Pasiflora"
  3. Personally, not seeing people using K0xp/ macro(I guess?) in this server is one of the biggest reasons for me. Rather than playing with 500 people in a server full of cheat, I chose running with 4 people in this server. Also there are really cool people in Blood/Legion makes it fun, fyi.
  4. We should probably note that anyone can be banned anytime in this game. And if you don't have friends like Harsh, you might stay banned. Always a good thing to keep in mind when spending hours + money.
  5. Sure Thanks! How though? Feel free to reach out in game, or let me know who is the right person to PM.
  6. Hi All 0/, My char is 7 days old in this Server. She is a 72 lvl BP atm. I played KO long time ago for a really long time and wanted to come back for fun. Recently killing mobs non-stop to make some money and it is quite boring alone. Looking for English/Turkish speaking clan. The only important part is the time zone, I live in EST timezone. I know we are not crowded here but would prefer a clan with high age avg. myself is an old guy 😅. PM me in game or reach out to me here if you have a room.
  7. Hi All, I know this is an old topic, but, started pretty recently 72 lvl BP(because we all need money ) roaming around and it is pretty boring without a clan. I play in EST Timezone and looking for a clan to join. Let me know if you are still around and have room for a new Priest.
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