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  1. i agree on issue at 5th paragraph. gm caters on big clans. because of bias treatment people leaves
  2. Kikikiki. They lose they call 1 priests to pk. They lose again then they call 2 priests. Again they lose pking then they call whole clan just to kill 4-5 orcs. They are very pro
  3. I just wondering why they quit. This server is good. Is it because of the player in this server?
  4. Bump. Im still looking for shard +8
  5. Also. Please have a look at assasin super duper minor heal. Please solve the issue for noob hacker playing with macro mouse they spoilt the pk
  6. Everyone hoping for miracle. Hahaha Please english only.
  7. As topic above. Just for fun asking this. Do you guys not boring with only 4 players in cz? Moradon price increase and less people merchants...
  8. Leave your ign and price here. I will pm u
  9. Hi , I was at deathmatch event on 26/11/2019 17:00, there is no one on that event. only me alone. after the event finish i dont receive the event reward. Is it my fault that no one going to the event and I dont get the reward? Its not fair. I have been waiting for players to join that event. after the event finish I dont get the reward? i have really wasted my time if i dont get the event reward.
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