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  1. Hello Nikos, I deleted to bin 01.03.2021 date +7 pauldron priest black chitin. Time is 15,45-16,15 around. I need your help. Ty.
  2. Eyyyyyy nikosssss, Kizil is a real king. Jno blocked kizil by gm chars. Bugger gamblers.
  3. ben hergün sabah 9 öğlen 12 saat arası 3 saat oyundayım sevgili bighunter
  4. I gave it to notsobad. Bribe
  5. Im offering Priest shell pad +8
  6. Looking for karus clan. Nickname: gayoxi_acura Age: 22(i don't counts the nights) Class: battlepriest National points: 140k ( i gained 100k np from gladiator's team) Playstyle: agressive Hobbies: dramas/trolling Char info link: https://professionalko.com/?page=char&id=GayOxi_Acura
  7. Selling from +6 to +7 guaranteed trina 45 gb. Pm emiel / gayoxi_acura
  8. Cool story bro. I like it. Have you written a book before?
  9. DramaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaAaaaaa https://giphy.com/gifs/alexanderirl-alexander-irl-d3YQCPcckxQiYibe
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