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  1. csme=mother fucker, mancheros=when atack in group
  2. How supose a priest can get skill lvl 70, if need ABYSS EYES and delos is always closed????
  3. Just a question, no defense. As he said, he was with no gear (No wearing armor) so .... if that is for ban, WHY NO BANNED _ALARAKO_PRRRRRRRR ? when he was in pk he came naked and die most of the time? so why is this different.... Again is not defense, why 1 yes and other no
  4. Seria genial que lo hicieran pero el admin esta de acuerdo con esos bugs o el uso de mouse multishoot.
  5. Good!!! for no do that stupids, to put merchant with great items, but charging 21gb on so the new players cant buy from you. That are your mistake , why have to give you back.... learn the lesson
  6. You just killed the server with that schedule .... means at 9am server hour (night hour America). People join just for pk in CR. Hour before that CZ was empty...DM now always goint to be empty
  7. If you add someone out of your clan , no expect share the drops. If you want to win a drop made with your clan only. Very funny asking for gave IN to the party
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