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  1. Oh that was worse idea, just for rogues stay and kill by 1 hit. Why no more resitance so they need a party for kill it, or as least same as a Atross
  2. I joined all last sundays clan wars. And even we were fews we stayed .....if you just take the desition looking the first clan war schedule i no have idea. But dont ask me if i join if you no saw the registers before....
  3. WHy not???? insane???? play with adventage is not the way to prove that you are good player.
  4. 6) Clan War's duration time will now be 20 minutes instead of 30 ...... are you kidding????? is the only good event you have and reduce the time??? REduce Deathmatch that sucks, wars that no have people and add more LSN that alot of people cant play because the schedule.
  5. What time? at nigth time there are 3 clans orcs: Blood, RememberMe, 7DeadlySins
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