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  1. Imagine if you guys weren't douch enough to screw us from High Landers back then, it will have prolly went a different way today. I have no regrets at all leaving the server. By all means, it helped me alot by force to do something else. I did not and I did appreciate you at the same time, however.... going and doing something against players who shared good moments with you among the way as clannie members was pretty a dumb move (even tho you have to do it for your members). Sometimes, you gotta act neutral and show respect to friends you had. In the end, you tried your best and g
  2. After me, Ngn and Nsb maybe yes
  3. Myrella

    Good bye.

    Hello everyone, some of you may have noticed my inactivities in game, in fact , I had plenty of time to play still but my attention went to something else. I met amazing players and human beings along the way throught my time in the server, every moment here will stay in my memories. I can't tell and say it's my farewell to Knight Online, I've been playing for ages and to give my items that i worked hard in farm was really hard for me but I guess and hope this is the best option for me to actually quit. This server was hella good, one of the best I've played so far. I
  4. I wish to those who will take the ride with you Good luck. They will eventually need it.
  5. You have to put 12 hours difference between Latin and Malaysian timezones.
  6. Can I ask you why are even bothering making polls here when you're barely playing the server?
  7. Isiloon cannot drop anything if it's either inside or between towers. Everyone knows this already. Isiloon must be killed outside towers or inside LNS ''Bowl''. Just a little tip for the next ones, just kill it inside tower range but outside town. This way, the other nation won't bother you. They can only lure it and try to either kill it or annoy you from doing it.
  8. I've made this guy muted twice, 1 day and a seven day. He left me alone because he knew he'd lose the war and was about to get banned. As the following event right after he left me alone, he started to annoy these fellowing players via throught Forum pm's and ingame : - Geek ( Both forum and ingame) -Sculpy (Both forum and ingame ) -Mephosis / Nina / Angelou - (Forum pm's) and few other players. There are plenty. Why I have never bother with this and the fact I used to know who's he's been anooying because they are my clannies and as members / one of the leaders for HL, th
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