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  1. The problem is : If you get somehow unbanned *by miracle , @nikos32 will have unbann the other players that swear in the game. Your unbann will also provoke your brother Relvie to make a ban appeal and I do not think unfortunatly is a good idea. We have few drama maker around and it's better this way. Few players are right, sometimes, we can let a fresh start... but only Nikos will decide that.
  2. Myrella

    Burned Items

    @nikos32 We all know how his brother is stupid and how much he loved drama in the server. He's gone! Thanks to all the incredible jobs you guys have done so far. For what I know by experience ( Family issues) sometimes brothers can be jerks. Especially when they are jealous when the brother succeeds in the server in a *good* clan. For those who's gonna make drama about the *good*, we are the only big human clan. Not counting on Corona which are our allies and AYRINTI who has low amount of players but can be very usefull. I do not know the true story behind all this but I can guarentee , the way we spoke over in discord the pas few weeks and also the fact he's in our WHATSAPP group can be telling the truth. He has been busy lately because of work. I'm just sharing my opinion here but the work goes to you GM'S. The only big problem here is that, the items were burned from his home by his own brother who i'd surely and be pround to punch if he was mine. We can all agree that if one of the item would have upgraded to +8, maybe he won't say anything but maybe upset because it's not from him. This issue is kinda different from Aussie's one with Relvie burning all his items but from different IP. I think maybe you should just a little bit consider this issue. Please review the case.
  3. He's a 14 years old kid. He cries for nothing. He still wear diapers.
  4. Traded in cz. We we're pking and lost. So I decided to go lure because there is no rules against it. So here's a lil video of this guy trading me. I want justice, we all know Harunga got 1 day ban + 7 days mute for doing it. I demande justice aswell to be fair.
  5. Yep, I did indeed said that after you said easy by winning the bdw event. Even tho you want to cry, you're still that 14 years old noob. You're greedy, you are not good. @nikos32 can check the whole chat log. This is not a bannable offense. Sorry. Try again. Next time, try to provoke somebody else.
  6. You told me aswell you had a warrior that dc'ed and were out of pt right?
  7. @nikos32 Hello everyone, We just did a BDW 18:30 GMT +3 server time and we had few members that dc'ed. They relogged but couldn't get into party. Nina, Plein and AxXwell we're out of party once relogged. There is few bugs in game and few lag spike. Server needs restart. https://ibb.co/g4DNPyK
  8. @GM_Thanos https://imgur.com/MIBYRi5 [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/MIBYRi5.png) <a href="https://imgur.com/MIBYRi5"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/MIBYRi5.png" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> Here's all the link
  9. Well, I wish nobody to catch this but personally, this a virus that kills peoples. We all want to go throught this all together but this guy is something... I take it offended. Nikos can see the whole chat log. I never said anything wrong or bad to him. @nikos32 @GM_Thanos @Vertigo @Observer
  10. Good luck on Felankors You just made enemies on your own side.
  11. You still wanna be part of this BraveHeart dead clan?
  12. Like @Sculpy said, either talk to me (Myrella), Sculpy or Gladiator first. We are willing to help if you ''ask''. I've been inactive lately due to some issues.
  13. With all respect, if we have enough players to do it, We will show up. Unfortunatly, I have to work this weekend.
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