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  1. https://www.take-a-screenshot.org/windows.html https://ibb.co/rmhgtmH ❤️
  2. I'm interested if that suits you. Just for now, i'm not logged because i'm bored farming + there is nothing to do atm and to be honest, i'm playing other games but I would be interested in helping. Yes, I may hate and love some players but I can be neutral. French/English speaker here.
  3. @nikos32 It is ok to have only 3 gms by your side but they need to log in. If not, maybe you should add 3 more gms from different time zones.
  4. Do something about it. Cry more *rat* I said easy because you are shit. You don't know how to pk. I got a whole video in JM about you running and your party trying to do something. Run more, run more. Easiest JM ever and thanks to you. Btw, how sad and terrible can you be to have multiple accounts on a forum? Muted? Banned?
  5. The fact is, Nikos can't do anything about market prices unless IF there is too much items on market which there isn't atm. I'm thinking about banned players items that can be used by some sort of events.... rewards ect ect... 1. More players / more items... more items on market, more the prices will drop.. 2.Actual events like DM. FT are kinda a waste of time. Not much players goes into DM. Since the jail thing in FT, nobody goes into it anymore. 3. There is few spots in cz that needs new mobs.. more farm spots. 4. New items, Some of us (old and geared) needs something new. Armors, weapons.. prolly sure that will make us be more active and determined. 5. Upgrade rates... +8 no trina should be 3-5% and with trina 5-7%.
  6. @nikos32 We need a larger chat box or something to let us enlarge it. Settings ingame about sound, visual effects ect ect.
  7. @nikos32 @Majesty @Fluvius @Observer Don't you guys see this shit crap player making drama all over the server against him. Just freaking mute him or even better, ban him for a week and EVERYBODY could finally enjoy and let farmers gear themselves to finally have some good actions in CZ. This F**** keeps harassing everyone and keeps killing newcomers that TRIES to do something here. We need new players but low IQ players like those ForMyPeople keeps messing things over and over again.
  8. Pm Myrella ingame. I want to buy howling rooster and rogue black set
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