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  1. Earlier today Harsh was jailed for being naked in cz while pking / CTF event. After asking why he was jailed he got banned. It seems Nikos interpreted his actions as NPT. IT WAS NOT! He was pking all day (and getting kills) naked / with armor... Silly ? yes! Bannable ? Hell no! Does this seem fair to any1 ??? Nikos unban him. This is way too much... and i´m sure you know you made a mistake by banning him by now Be fair and undo it. Cheers
  2. Yea, I would like to keep mine that way. If this is about the King system getting bugged, we will be more carefull with spelling the nominees IGNs going forward. Appreciate the attention 👍
  3. Not in my party for sure. Yes! That´s what´s important in the middle of all this. Poor you
  4. I was about to start a topic about FT. So I´ll give my 2 cents here: How about adding a blue chest as a reward to FT ? I think that would make ppl join much more often. Do you think it´s too much ? If we don´t do something about it FT coupons price will inflate even more, making it harder for newer players to catch up. What do you all think »?
  5. Cool video. Did you happen to record last night´s isiloon too ? ❤️ Too embarassing i guess Oh well... you win some you lose some Peace
  6. Seriously dude...Hijacking some1 elses topic...ffs have some integrity
  7. Pm your offer via forum or pm DominuS ingame 180 AP / 80 light Current offer: 20 GBs Buy out: 70 GBs
  8. Gotta agree with Old Professional ^^ I think adding a small chance of dropping Skelly from DT and BC for example, is a better way to give noobies a chance without messing too much with item Balance. Same goes for Lesath, it should drop CS at a very small rate like USKO used to be
  9. For as much as i would like to lay my hands on some of those, in the long run, imo, its a bad idea. Atm Irons and CS are fairly rare, but there is a good number of them around. In my opinion they should stay that way - rare. Ppl will easily get bored on a server where everybody and his dog has Irons/CS. I believe most ppl on this server play it for the nostalgia of what USKO lvl 70 cap used to be. It was fun, and it was chalenging, it was frustrating at times, but we all loved it. Lets keep it that way! Furthermore, its not like newer players dont have a chance at all. Ive seen some pull nice drops from eslant bosses, etc... Farming your way up to better items is not all that hard either. Just my 2 cents
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