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  1. Few thoughts here that i feel would be beneficial for server. 1. Titans - Replace Chitin drops with Chitin Shell drops 2. Calvary - IF this monster will be re-instated into server (was on previous DB) it should be re added 3. LNS - New maps or something to keep event interesting ... 4. Merchant tokens - Make them more valuable? something to utilize them a bit more. 5. Lunar War schedule - i propose 1 of 2 options here. add a lunar war to a week day schedule OR remove lunar war from schedule 2 hours before CSW and add to middle of the week. ( i work in restaurant job and attending on weekends is difficult, as its the most busy day in my line of work)
  2. everyone needs them, and the market is so steep on them.... if anyone sells for a fair price let me know ingame pm Rhaenys
  3. For what its worth, MyNameLily would like to vote "No" although he says he does not have a forum ID.
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