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  1. buy black priest+7 pm me ingame: OrpHeuS / Ambulance / Mephosis
  2. Please Banip all those maddafaccas, leechers .
  3. Hi all, at PK Latin time (UTC-5 Lima, Bogotá) late at night 23:00 CR PK: I see x3 clan Karus (RememberMe, Blood, 7DeadlySins) and at El Morad side (ALLSTARS, Just4Fun and some random clan i don't remember very well) with almost same parties: 3 vs 3, sometimes 3 vs 2 parties and so on.
  4. Updated: Looking for: - Iron Necklace - x2 Flame Ring+1
  5. my clan does AOE ego and i can say: Ego has an effective large/far range to attack us, best thing is to go around in circles within the trees or someone else (warrior using autoloot maybe). Good luck mate.
  6. UPDATE: SELL x2 Lich King's Pride x2 Shio Tears x2 Legionnaire Bands BUY Iron Necklace
  7. UPDATE: SELL x2 shio tears x2 Legionnaire Bands 1500 KC BUY Iron Necklace
  8. man i don't know how to say this, but I feel like Karus Eslant spot is way better than El Morad. #JustSaying since my clannies killing most boss and 0 drops, but on Karus: Glass Belts, Skeleton Belts. ZZZZZzzzzzz ohh about this topic: x50 fragments used yesterday (October 1st) and got 0 uniques, 0 sherions, full rappy, shards. That's why I'll keep selling fragments, people buy from me Good luck, cheers.
  9. It's part of this freaking game: YOU GET KS ANYTIME (at pk, boss time, farm time, you name it) and even U$KO and most servers keep this feature. I don't like to be KSed too, but it's what it is. GL at boss hunt mate, cheers.
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