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  1. other problem is the TIMEZONE, we only get together at latin pk time (Night). Rarely will see some clan pk party in da morning for ur timezone.
  2. Great to have a GM response in here, I love this server cuz I tried many others and they suck, don't last that much. I've been here since July 15th and I saw everything: The good, the bad, best moments and worst moments, but this server still alive. Also the events, the way to farm, the clans and gamers playing here, everything is fine at my eyes. And last but not least: GM is doing their work: BANNING cheaters but i think they should be more active with some events/rewards. I really can't say why some ppl left this server, PROF KO for me it's the best out there, it's simply amazing, you just got to focus farming and getting geared up. That's why ALLSTARS will keep playing in here, not all of them but loyal gamers will keep playing in here.
  3. Prices are absolutely ridiculous, i've never seen prices like this anymore, thanks to all the greedy "MARKET MOVERS" manipulating the market as they want. - Iron neck for 350gbs? 400gbs? LOLZ - A freaking Iron belt for 250gbs? Come' on - Chitin Shield for 300gbs? wtf is wrong you little greedy guy? you got to stop it. Crazy and stupid prices, i'm sorry about my writing but realy makes me mad, because of those maddafaccas the market in here not looking good.
  4. I love this server, please do something to engage more ppl in here.
  5. mancheros = YOU ALWAYS COME TO FIGHT WITH GANDBAND / can't make fair 8 vs 8. csmre = mother fuckers / fvck it, damn it!!
  6. My brother, i love you ❤️ merry christmas and happy holidays i wish you the best GrowMaster and i'll keep my word: to not kill you
  7. great bro, any images for ROF+1 ?? just curious :3
  8. Oke bro, please any image for new Felankor Rings? can we see their stats?
  9. splitt this item and that's it. NO more drama Iron neck around 320gbs, splitt gbs within all party members, it's a party drop.
  10. Up and updated! BUY: Flame Ring+1 SELL: x2 Howling Rooster Rogue Black Gauntlet+7 PM me in here or ingame: OrpHeuS / Mephosis / LynnAvriL
  11. 100gb is way too much, you should have taken those 100gbs. Fair price is 60-70gbs
  12. +1 7 days ban for JrAcura, then stop cheating guys, that's not fair at all. And about this "Discrimination/Racism issue" me and ALLSTARS are against RACISM. #nomoredrama
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