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  1. @nikos32 bro i show you here evidences, i got traded several times by this guy, I hope justice will be served!! thank you https://ibb.co/W6STcP1 https://ibb.co/0fvRNy1 https://ibb.co/94DYh9z https://ibb.co/3YLQndp
  2. @ChuckyMyDeath It doesn matter if a GM told you to keep the ítem I dont give a f***, you know inside of you (if there's conscience there) that this ROF is not yours, you just acted like these jerks Yavsakpriest and Jacklight from AYRINTI clan trying to KS our drops every fucking day since last week. So for me, you're not TRUSTABLE.
  3. Let me explain also here, it's all about COMMON SENSE so I'm gonna give you an example: My clan High Landers has 2 sub clans: HighLanders (1st sub) - Magic Landers (2nd sub) as all can see they have different CLAN TAG NAME ofc... ... SOOOOO, we mostly killing CZ bosses and sometimes our drainers (that are in sub clan) get drops like: ROFs, IN, IB, platinum bars, etc... So according to your phycology those drops doesn't belong to OUR MAIN CLAN ???? are you serious? come on, you have to kidding me!!!! STOP this non sense for God's sake!!! About the issue here, this is very very very simple: Hate and Hunters gattered together to kill fvcking felankors and they got a clan drop = ICE ROF and this guy _Hate_ got the drop and he didn't want to give this CLAN DROP to leader bozo77 or any assistant who was there. Isn't this more clear than pure water, still don't get it??? The right thing, the moral thing to do was that _Hate_ give this ROF to leader. C'mon guys, but I swear that if all this situation happened to you GamblerS , most of you will be here writing to do justice. I simply can't believe you're acting like this, sincerely I respect you guys but... acting like this..... Please react guys, you're completely WRONG, it's like you're supporting a stealer, because for me what _Hate_ did is: STEAL a clan drop.
  4. Good luck on that bro but I can assure you that it doesn't matter the "CLAN TAG NAME" Hate + Hunters are same group, same clan... Just saying. nikos already did what he had to do.
  5. bro, Hate and Hunters are allied clans, so it's a clan drop, nikos just did what he had to do
  6. I really dunno kanka, I hope nikos can do me a rollback and my account = /
  7. Hi nickos I really need your help, I can show you the last IP log from my account, according to this webpage: https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/ the ip who hacked comes from Spain, and I haven't shared this info with no one from there which makes me think i just got hacked somehow. Please is there anyway I can get a rollback since i can't see the trade logs history, I think it would be easier 4u to rollback my account and also the Hellbreaker+8 could help since there's only few of those ingame. The issue happened yesterday, Friday 20th March 2020, as you can see in the picture, all my items where on Kiko char, so the guy who hacked me took all items from Kiko and before leaving my account he assured to look for more items within my other chars T_T https://ibb.co/85nYtmm Thank you in advance @nikos32! I lost the following items: x2 WE+1 x4 Warrior Shells+8 (Pauldron, Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots) Hell Breaker+8 Dual Fire ROF Wings of God Strings of Skulls+1
  8. where's Harunga? XD he will spice a lot in here XD Btw, you fvcking sin cheaters, you FOOL YOURSELF with your macrocito or TBL whatever sh1ts ur using!! :3 and that's what I like it the most zuahahahaha XD come VS me with warrior if you dare to play fair.
  9. same as that RealNiggaRollCall, with those items impossible to stand even 30 seconds agaisnt a fully geared assassin. Just saying.
  10. no need database reset 😇 and if it's for me, I don't care about my items and I'm one of the most geared player in server. But still, makes no sense, the same fvcking cycle will happen: 1st month = 500+ active players. 2nd month, fvcking ppl will start leaving and selling his items for usd. and then will be same status as RIGHT NOW, so makes no sense at all. Just come back and keep playing, server can be great if you decide to come back again and fight/enjoy/cry decide on yourself.
  11. other problem is the TIMEZONE, we only get together at latin pk time (Night). Rarely will see some clan pk party in da morning for ur timezone.
  12. Great to have a GM response in here, I love this server cuz I tried many others and they suck, don't last that much. I've been here since July 15th and I saw everything: The good, the bad, best moments and worst moments, but this server still alive. Also the events, the way to farm, the clans and gamers playing here, everything is fine at my eyes. And last but not least: GM is doing their work: BANNING cheaters but i think they should be more active with some events/rewards. I really can't say why some ppl left this server, PROF KO for me it's the best out there, it's simply amazing, you just got to focus farming and getting geared up. That's why ALLSTARS will keep playing in here, not all of them but loyal gamers will keep playing in here.
  13. Prices are absolutely ridiculous, i've never seen prices like this anymore, thanks to all the greedy "MARKET MOVERS" manipulating the market as they want. - Iron neck for 350gbs? 400gbs? LOLZ - A freaking Iron belt for 250gbs? Come' on - Chitin Shield for 300gbs? wtf is wrong you little greedy guy? you got to stop it. Crazy and stupid prices, i'm sorry about my writing but realy makes me mad, because of those maddafaccas the market in here not looking good.
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