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  1. hell no...this guy is freakin INTRO player.Played for a month,kill noobs while they lvling cz, have a good laugh at it and then left... Even the server relaunch 334557766x, the same thing will happen again. Trust me,just carry on cause theres hope. I even saw newcomers farm titan... Keep on moving guys..
  2. leave ur offer here or pm..ill pm back ingame.
  3. I sometimes play at cybercafe...which mean I have to DL and launch all over again. Quite familiar with ftpopenfile error etc etc. But not this one...
  4. omg its fine now...I spent like 5 hours on this. do you have any idea what is going on there ?
  5. havent online for a week and then this happened...
  6. as someone from malaysia, this is huge changing for us. Tbh, rn we can only enjoy CR since FT is dying n mora event always bug... thanks man
  7. idk how oblivion still survive...can any gm make a sin char and try to chase him in cz while he's in FULL DB. I swear to god he will be laughing at you and then give you the hand sign.....go try it.
  8. ya geek...ask about that IB and now see how he pussy out . what a sly fox....
  9. Good topic...imo just add more items/uniques rather than enchant sc etc etc. Its way too predictable until I have no expectation at all from avarice. best thing about gambling is you dont know what you will get...cheeeerss
  10. "clan drop" in private server ...cant believe ppl still fall for this trap.
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