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  1. hi what u show the video is combo by KOXP...u can see the video show KOXP word at start...KOXP is macro & hack program. GM will ban if player has been found useing KOXP. that is not combo or skill...but hack. 1.this server few mage/archer/battle priest are useing KOXP , A <mage can nonstop ice 2hit per sec,> B <battle priest hit u 2hit per sec and can hit high range> C <archer can shoot 5 arrow 3 time per sec > D <and when assassin use KOXP it can hit u with normal attack by useing mouse, > yeah dumper also know that is imposible to get normal attack when u are useing mouse to chase!! but minor heal is not macro ,,it just skill by hand work if u know how to do it. i didnot found who can minor heal better then me do ,but maybe some one are useing KOXP for minor heal and it is just still posible to work it.
  2. this server is not about item or skill by hand, it is just about what hero u choose. 1.assassin know he cant win battle priest & ice mage .dont even ur item more high class or ur hand skill is better ? my assassin resistance Glacier 353 , but mage can still ice me nonstop ,100% make it cant move at all, GM please tell me ,what to do? ALT F4 when meet ice mage? GM would u fight if u are assassin and u meet a ice mage?answer me . resistance Glacier 353 = 0 , same as trinas, that is fake and joke. i guess GM nvm play PK on < rogue vs ice mage or battle priest> <or use trina when upg item.> RMB it done ice 2 times by per sec !!! so this is not game anymore , i call it SM. mage attack speed fast then assassin. this is not knight online any more!!! new edit by 2019/11/7 : New updates "Decreased the slow rate and duration time of Ice Staff skill." Thanks alot for this updates!!!...ice nonstop 100% is real shit and God damn i hope it not happen any more .T.,T 2.assassin only can bully noob to get NP. (yeah assassin start confused, am i pro to get the NP? or just because only bully noob.) u can see assassin start runing all map to seach noob for NP. 3.battle priest attack speed fast then assassin bp per hit 650dmg to assassin ,after Debuff can hit 1k+ dmg, and it attck speed fast then assassin, i run for 3sec but the club still can hit me is that macro or just because i am the stupid assassin? when u choose hero u already are loser. YES! knight online no more. but maltreat!!!! who will enjoy? there is no more balance by any class. Leaderboard(with out balance) NO1.ice mage 7star NO2.battle priest 6star NO3.assassin 3star NO4.warrior 3.5star
  3. ermm...SQ didnot drop iron NK?....i guess u talking about should lesath drop iron NK XD
  4. i dont agreen with ur point 1. lesath drops CS !!!! but it said already that will be very very rare. (very low drop rate and for once vouchers only) + (u need 5x Vouchers = 1 Chitin Shield) how come u think that is easy?that will be hard like what u just did.. it is hard but it fair and it open to every player a fuk SMALL change to get CS ..that is why lesath drop CS but there still isiloon drop CS too. 2.what will happen after that? yeah it not much change, CS still very very rare in this server , but every one could has it but still hard. 100 player (1day 3Xisiloon drop CS) 1000 player (still 1day 3Xisiloon drop CS) 100000 player (still 1day 3Xisiloon drop CS) = what stupid logic ?? 3. they control all just because they came here first? forever kingdom??tell me if like this...what point to join this game for new player? 4. new server --- > easy kill boss because less player . old server ---> it not same as what ur just did...dont tell me it is same, when server become more more more player...it will very hard to get BOSS, so it need new way to give more item for market. 5.dont tell me 10 ppl with 1 lemon tree....and 10000 ppl also only 1 lemon tree ,that is stupid .
  5. where i can see the gem of Fragment A/G/R/S/L/J/A drop list?
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