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  1. This has been happening to me from server to server. Might even be the same people different names, but why are so many people bothered that I play solo? I constantly get PM either in eslant/cz/moradon that people are pissed that I don't PK 24/7 and Farm majority of the time. I just don't understand why they act like I have attacked them personally when I don't run around the bowl for hours on end hoping to out KS the other sins/warriors/bps/archers/mages. Some have even come out trying to insult me for playing solo the majority of time. It's not that it bothers me being constantly PMed for it, but it confuses me why majority of them act like I have personally attacked them for Farming on a non-full PK server.(you know servers where you can instantly buy Max gear for 1 coin and PK 24/7)
  2. Think I posted it in the wrong place, but I just killed the Cape Quest Centaur and there was no box at 03:10 server time.
  3. I don't understand why Growspriest was banned. Apparently they say my priest that is either at Eslant DM's until I get teleport for sitting there or CZ DM's was NPTing while offline. . All of the around what 4-5k NPS w/e you need to get into events were from sitting at DM's. Would like some clarity of how my priest was involved with NPTing. NVM apparently I am a proximity ban. Would like to have this unfair ban lifted. https://imgur.com/9avMDKc https://imgur.com/gx4RS68 https://imgur.com/J5VsBHr https://imgur.com/0UsSYpg
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