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  1. Should Nikos and Team add magic bag to PUS and/or drop? I think 250kc would be decently priced for 1 month or 1k for lifetime? Just an idea.
  2. omg i was thinking this today while farming. I was at Apo solo farm and had to keep running back and forth and only using my hp and sw and attack scrolls at inn so i could dump them before going back to farm.. pleaseeeee add magic bags. would help sooo much farming and PK!! please Niko.
  3. i agree, but not a lot. just rpr money or noob items for upgrade burning. or bp/paper mage. like bulture/bulcan drops +6 fabric etc. with bigger mobs dropping silver/bronze/gold coins.
  4. I dont think sever is broken. I think it just gets a little old to go to a slot and find it taken over or try to farm but get people who try to take it over and you end up wasting pots and time. Or going to cz to try to kill new commander guards and find full party at each of them and wont even let you try. It just gets frustrating to have so few spots to farm inside and outside of bowl. that you can farm solo at least. as for pk, i hardly ever go to cz and find no pk. it maybe 1 pt v 1 pt but always some kind of pk. i say good job, and thank you for opening this server once the last one we all were playing died off. Project Ko. Thank you Nikos and team. We appreciate all of the hard work you guys put into this. We know it isnt easy and you get more critique then praise. We salute you. But.. you have to keep up with the times or get left behind. In that note. you will have to do more extreme updates soon or you will see more people jump ship. Im not too worried about updates since im stuck in the middle of the pack working on uping my gear. but others MUST have thier ego and bank accounts fed or they will go somewhere else. its unfortunate they have no loyalty to you or anyone. even their own clannies. but it is the truth.
  5. lol he said, he refused the guys offer so the guy started getting upset.
  6. iim sure he is thinking all of you would keep it yourselves. better to forget and do not allow these leech into your party. sorry
  7. veryyyy nice. but i guess with 100+ gbs you should be making all sorts of nice items lol but still very nice.
  8. cant remember which npc it is... ill look. bulture/bulcan drop +6. if you buy +1 youll have to use bus for them all.. waste of time/coin.
  9. I think he went to NPC that sells non-up-grade-able armor. best to farm +6.. I had same issue when I first came here.
  10. "each" item "each" action has a set range of probabilities. 80% does NOT mean 8/10 succeed. no amount of burning or timing affects these "set" values. However; in certain situations and certain activities the coder/owner may set value of probability to "random." good luck. anvil is evil.
  11. i was in clan for the first days and months and never heard any such rule. i do know that Blood are willing to help, but also are quick to turn their back on "friends"
  12. sad... happens too often. i would like to know what happens when someone interrupts your boss kill. will they get jail?
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