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  1. only down time i see is midnight ish here in america -5 est otherwise cz and moradon full all day long.
  2. in usko you dont even have to kill it. you just select your buff. not saying it should be easy. but should be able to solo it like Calvary maybe a little harder. But not Isiloon hard.. it is just a buff after all. for 30 mins. not that worth it.
  3. Can we lower HP/AC of logos a little at least?? I have top of the line weapon with very good gear. I cannot solo Spirit Of Logos without taking 30 mins. You need a drainer or 3, or a party just to get this buff. Im not sure if anyone else has this issue or if its just me. I have a decent combo and with a tank with good AP and scrolls on I thought id be able to do it easy solo. Any input would be amazing! Thank you brothers and sisters!!
  4. I vote to open new server. Maybe do like some servers on USKO where only certain events are open the first weeks or months. They do it perm. Or keep it +7 max items for first month lol add a fresh twist like that. If you are to open a new server you MUST do it soon. Otherwise youll keep losing members and you need a fresh influx (new players)/re-excitment (old players). This will also bring in a lot more $$ in donations for the server.
  5. 17000 ladder points but says I dont have enough for lowest medal
  6. ladder points would be monthly nps. The nps that reset are rewarded as ladder points in the info box. It doesn't say it in this server but in usko et al. I guess it could mean something different here but... I have 5x,xxx/15,xxx more then enough. srry dont feel like posting SS now. like 0500 hours here atm
  7. lol if only the anvil did not have a demon possessing it..
  8. I have 12k Ladder points but cannot trade in for medals? Not sure if this feature is turned off or if I am missing something? Just try to go to special store to buy medal but says I do not have enough ladder points. But i have enough for more then 1.
  9. lol isnt it like against the rules to call someone racist when there is no proof? I have seen no evidence of any rasict talk. just some very rude language. i see people talking like this all the time. you call out a scammer/k0xper and they will say all kinds of crazy crap. His clan name is in no way racist and really, if you take offense of his clan name then you probably need to buy a sense of humor/blindfold. I have seen wayyyy worse on this server alone, not to mention usko, where they actually have sheriffs and such. I am in no way condoning or defending this guy, so dont flame me lol I am defending free speech, as I am American, we are used to being able to be very rude and maybe a lack of a filter. My mother raised me better, but it is in fact a way of life here. We are slowing devolving lol but really just dont open any pms from him, dont read his messages and if his name or clan name 'somehow?' offends your delicate senses maybe just hit the O key so you dont have to look. If they arent going to ban him then you have to find a way to work or play since this is a game with lots of kids, maybe retarded and rude kids. but I hope you understand what i mean without taking offense by it lol.I know id be pissed if someone started talking to me like that, not that i havent had this happen before.. i just close the box and get on with my day. Love you nerds!
  10. at least he is trying and posting vids so maybe some pros can give him pointers. how about friendly comments 😛 we all just want to have fun right?
  11. I do like that idea, but chances are the Top NP and Kills are already rich beyond the noobs lol odds are that those KC wont even be needed. Just for re sell. Id say give out 350 KC to 5 random players on bottom 50 players and random PUS item to top 5 players. exclude wings. my 2 cents.
  12. i had the same issue until i double checked password on my last pass extension. i had to add a special char to my password last time because it said i had to. i had forgotten all about it cuz normally i dont use that special char. It auto saved it into website and forum. but it cant auto save into launcher, so once i tried that it worked. so. worth a shot to go in and look.
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