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  1. Buying Iron Necklace, Selfname weapon+8 Selling Howling Rooster Pm me in game Coyote/cantcatchme/c4ntcatchme
  2. Hi gms, I have a problem, I put on merchant 35.5gbs worth items (red chitin set+7 rogue) and I only have 21gbs on my inventory, so doing the maths I'm missing 14.5gbs, help me pls, I have screenshots. I only have this amount of coins: https://ibb.co/sK22rxq Purchase of boots: https://ibb.co/S0YfXPT Purchase of gauntlets and helmet: https://ibb.co/2g5nSSz Purchase of pauldron and pads: https://ibb.co/M2MJMqT I hope you can help me as soon as possible, thank you in advance. Cuchillito
  3. Pm me your best offer ingame or here c4ntcatchme/cantcatchme/coyote
  4. As the title says im trading/selling poison bdw ring lightning bdw ring x2 Buying iron necklace set warrior red chitin +7 (no pauldron) pm me ingame cantcatchme/c4ntcatchme/coyote
  5. Imir rings are pretty good for bp with sn cuz of the elemental dmg
  6. selling bdw lightning and poison ring buying several bravery awards/lns coupons pm me ingame cantcatchme/c4ntcatchme/coyote bdw rings info:
  7. buying hell breaker +7 glass belt iron necklace iron belt pads, gauntlets red chitin warrior +7 warrior earring x2 c4ntcatchme/coyote/cantcatchme
  8. im not a warrior player but u gotta find a balance i believe, id say like 230 str and the rest hp, and i like red chitin more imo
  9. i want pads and gauntlets red chitin, pm me ingame c4ntcatchme/cantcatchme/coyote
  10. Vendo culazo de ALARAKO pm me solo interesados
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