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  1. I tried to Free Nts, i was online while i do that and it diddnt work. So I tried to again but i got this message; @nikos32
  2. Server is going to dead, we all players trying to reverse it but situation like that just damaged to server. Everyone except some lavuks thinks to same think; İts unfair ban him to perma. 3 days enough, 7 days too much. It's just one mistake and that mistake doesnt just come from him.
  3. sell Sn 7// FT Neck +1, Dual Imir Buy; Flame Ring
  4. Buying= +1 Imir Selling= +7 Lugias pm me in here or in game dirtykeke.
  5. LOL u called it Macro, we called that move fcking pro move. Get a real proof before accused someone a 'cheater'.
  6. Sell List Sn 7 Dual Imir +6 Dark Vane +5 HB +6 Enion,+6 glacier Erunion,+6 dual DOL, Forgetten Belt Wings of BABA Buy List Dual FR HB +7 pm me in here or in game Dirtykeke
  7. Post isn't about english gramer and this place isn't english gramer school, so what's bothers you? Anyway, post about some lavuk behavior so disrepectful. 10 numara corruption.
  8. +1 same as shiit happend to me. around to 90 frags, 9 gems. What did got? one poor imir ring. just 1 imir. Eslant is worse. Our clan slane bosses all the time and we get just 1 ske belt since 2 months. İt's good actually drop rates being to low but not like that.
  9. Sell // 2 Imir Rings Buy // Dual FR and Hell Breaker +7 pm me in here or in game Dirtykeke
  10. İf we can't find any karus at cz around 20:00-01:00, we would like to go karus side as well.(I mean Chill clan) Yesterday (25 sept. and around 21:00) was good PK. There was 2 or 3 karus party. But This is not for evrynight. Most of night we cant find any parties at CZ. Just a few sins. Server is come back to life again in this week. Cuz of that i wanted to wait a few days more, and if same situation goes on, we would like to go karus.
  11. Buying HB+7, Raptor +8, FR/// Selling dual Foverin. For offer pm here or dirtykeke in game.
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