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  1. Buying HB+7, Raptor +8, FR/// Selling dual Foverin. For offer pm here or dirtykeke in game.
  2. It was 6 man party, we get drop WE. and drop gone to Niki. So, u share drop the with all party members right? No, he doesnt want. When i ask to share with my clan to him, he reply to me he has 100 gb but he doesnt want to share drop. Because he said it was random drop. WE is around 6-7 gb. And it's so funny ppl act like that just for 6 gb. It's oldest rule to KO;U SHARE DROP WITH PARTY MEMBERS. Nothing but respect. Next time u party with him, care for drops.
  3. Majesty said u had 24 hour chat(for shiiity reason, i had little argument with some lavuk and i guess he is bff of majesty) and it's been 1.5 days and still not opened my chat ban. I'm working, i cant play whole time and that is unfair ban. I want fast answer.
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