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  1. If you have for example a chitin shield+8 does that mean it will convert to holy deflector+8 or +0? @nikos32
  2. I am missing 8 Rhodiums. (it was in inn hostess) Character: Haratugis
  3. Yes personal will return to you at +1. About the Wings of God: First you need Wings of Hero: "1x Wings of PK 1x Wings of Baba 250 Merchant Tokens 250m Coins 2000 Bravery Awards 5 LNS coupons 5 FT coupons = Wings of Hero with 100% chance (visit FT Coupons NPC)" After that you can make Wings of God "1x Wings of PK 1x Wings of Baba 1x Wings of Hero 250 Merchant Tokens 250m Coins 2000 Bravery Awards 5 LNS coupons 5 BDW coupons = Wings of God with 100% chance (visit BDW Coupons NPC)"
  4. Don't remove the slow on ice staff skill. Instead fix the damage on it like flame / lightning (more MP more dmg). Right now the 72 staff dmg is independent from MP so you can have a mage with 255hp stat and still do around 500-600 damage with each hit (with dual shio / rof).
  5. 1. If you don't wait the 20 sec at the end to teleport you out but use a MS again the monsters will be bugged and there will be +1 to each mob. It can stack to 4 mob, after that the number of monsters were random for me, but even if they weren't duplicated they were still bugged (the crystal at the end didn't duplicate or gets bugged atleast so you can finish the MS and get the drop). 2. Some items can't be upgraded to +1 with BES. I got 1x Holy Animor and 1x Dread Shield so far from MS, and I could upgrade the Holy Animor to +1 with BES and to +2 etc... with BUS so it's fine, but I couldn't upgrade the DS to +1 with BES. So my guess would be that the Juraid weapons are bugged and the BF items are good (based on the 2 items I got but it needs to be checked). Also if you will check those then try the uniques aswell if they can be upgraded to +1. That's all for now. I will update the topic if I find more.
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