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  1. Hi, i'm making this topic because DM is my favorite event, it's funny and I think everyone should have the same chance to win it. So here is my suggestions: 1. Everyone should deal the same amount of damage (850 with skill and 425 with r). Right now if you have flame/shio/imir/foverin on your character you deal more damage (i'm not 100% sure but i can't think any other thing for that). Master 10/15% decrease should be ignored too so a lvl 40 player should do and receive the same dmg as a full geared player. 2. Hide all the pk symbols (if possible). It's easy to identify the higher ranked players now. 3. New rewards for the top 3: Right now it's: First: Blue Chest + 250np Second: Trina +200np( In my opinion trina is better reward than blue chest unless you get Hell Breaker from it) Third: Fragment Of Avarice + 150np I would change it like this: First: 1x Gold bar atleast ( it's the same amount of money than trina now. But I would suggest 1.25GB or 1.5GB if it's possible to do. Or an item that's better than trina, though I can't really think about one now) Second: Trina Third: Blue Chest The np bonus can stay the same or increase it a bit I personally don't really care about that. That's it for now. If I will have other suggestion I will try to upgrade this topic.
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