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  1. 1. If you don't wait the 20 sec at the end to teleport you out but use a MS again the monsters will be bugged and there will be +1 to each mob. It can stack to 4 mob, after that the number of monsters were random for me, but even if they weren't duplicated they were still bugged (the crystal at the end didn't duplicate or gets bugged atleast so you can finish the MS and get the drop). 2. Some items can't be upgraded to +1 with BES. I got 1x Holy Animor and 1x Dread Shield so far from MS, and I could upgrade the Holy Animor to +1 with BES and to +2 etc... with BUS so it's fine, but I couldn't upgrade the DS to +1 with BES. So my guess would be that the Juraid weapons are bugged and the BF items are good (based on the 2 items I got but it needs to be checked). Also if you will check those then try the uniques aswell if they can be upgraded to +1. That's all for now. I will update the topic if I find more.
  2. So the problem is that the mage 72 skill is doing the same amount of dmg even if you have 76MP or 255MP on your mage. For every mob it does around 1300-1600 dmg and for players it does around 500 (-15% because of master). I doubt it should work like that (every other skill is doing better dmg with more MP). It needs to be checked cuz as it is right now with full beginner items (except the pendant is elemental pendant) you can make a mage with 6300 hp and 766 def on 1500/300 scroll and still doing 500 dmg with lv 72 skill. If you add a dual ROF and WOG to it and 2000/350sc you have a mage with around 8000 hp and 1000 def and doing around 560 dmg plus slow just to be more annoying (because of the elemntal damage on ROF). I did some test with nothing on but the beginner staff (wood staff+8 with 64 elemental dmg) so you can see it too. https://imgur.com/a/8zAFx1u If you don't believe in the pictures you can try it yourself with full beginner items So my whole point with this is to make ice 72 skill just like flame / lightning (less MP less dmg, more MP more dmg) PS: On fire mage the 72 skill is working properly. On lightning too i think (didn't played it recently but when i did it worked as it should).
  3. I'm pretty sure that this character is someone's 2nd char or 3rd or more. Against the mobs he dropped some heal, which was fine at that point, however when it was time to pk he was afk for a few minutes, then when he decided to come down, didn't even bothered to come close to the party, just dropped some heal when nobody was near him. Plus his items are full of beginners. Please check him, thanks. https://imgur.com/a/w979FKG
  4. Hi, i'm making this topic because DM is my favorite event, it's funny and I think everyone should have the same chance to win it. So here is my suggestions: 1. Everyone should deal the same amount of damage (850 with skill and 425 with r). Right now if you have flame/shio/imir/foverin on your character you deal more damage (i'm not 100% sure but i can't think any other thing for that). Master 10/15% decrease should be ignored too so a lvl 40 player should do and receive the same dmg as a full geared player. 2. Hide all the pk symbols (if possible). It's easy to identify the higher ranked players now. 3. New rewards for the top 3: Right now it's: First: Blue Chest + 250np Second: Trina +200np( In my opinion trina is better reward than blue chest unless you get Hell Breaker from it) Third: Fragment Of Avarice + 150np I would change it like this: First: 1x Gold bar atleast ( it's the same amount of money than trina now. But I would suggest 1.25GB or 1.5GB if it's possible to do. Or an item that's better than trina, though I can't really think about one now) Second: Trina Third: Blue Chest The np bonus can stay the same or increase it a bit I personally don't really care about that. That's it for now. If I will have other suggestion I will try to upgrade this topic.
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