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  1. 7 days ban will make him learn his mistake and he wont do it again
  2. if an assassin fully geared with Defense ability's 4 warriors cant kill him and its easy to kill one by one that's my opinion ^^
  3. brother what i meant by destorying the server is you guys play the proper ko which is you know excatly what i mean and we have spoken about it me and you @NotSoBad but do you really think there will be people for csw you played every csw and you saw who is there from the karus side if @nikos32 adds isilon nikos himself he is gonna get headache from karus side he is helping gamblers bla bla bla what we can do to make cz better and pk better we have to find a suilation lets both nation think of something to make cz better i think its better then delos brother
  4. i just said timing problem is it hard to understand or you want to argue
  5. cause of timing @thefnl people cant make it thats why i understand there is alot of karus now so does humans but the timing is the reason
  6. i voted yes i dont want gamblers thinking im hating on them they getting geared bla bla bla so i voted and i shared my opnion but the question is @NotSoBad why do you guys want isi in delos you guys have enough items to destroy server its not enough ?
  7. about isi in Delos that's a bad idea cause no matter what we do we cant win delos cause of gamblers they will add 36 ppl waiting at the door . now you add isilon hahaha they gonna be 36 people plus allies
  8. he is god killing mages come here i show u who is god
  9. what i meant is MR TURKISH is you are a men cause of camel piss means you are a men cause of arabs otherwise you wouldnt be and you know the rest 😛 pay your rents and bills from us 😛and pretend its turkey and be happy like others which they know the truth and pretend they dont no anything so now sus lan
  10. camel piss is good for you makes you realise alot of things but i dont no whats up in turkey seems everything is different 😛
  11. Notsobad i only talk to 4 people from your clan you geek cahib and oxijean and jr the rest are an educated mother fuckers google translate and yes i will take isi every single time i have 8 sins so lets be fair and all have fun and get some of those humans to come karus side cause everytime u see humans running behind humans chasing 1 party just for 50 nps
  12. https://ibb.co/p2nb1T0 or i will take my team and we go human side and we both can kill atross and riote for fun cause @blood aint playing as much RememberMe i dont see them pking soooo i leave this upto the humans you guys wanna make this fair we make it fair you guys wanna be spastics i guess fuck all you i come human side and i promise you @gamblers @allstar they will be no isi for yous i promise
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