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  1. Fnl my younger brother turning 15 years old and guess what his wages is triple your dad's 😛 and you are 27 years old still living with your father Oh god sorry oh allah 😛
  2. Barbarossa guess what fuck you and fuck allah now get the fuck out here bitch
  3. You here to play a game or to be sensitive about a fucken nickname play the fucken game and shut the fuck up
  4. lets make a deal right now front of all i log a character and i open discord live camera and i want you (death) mr iam pro and i make videos to come and vs The wall = TerminatoR and i beat you with beginner items hahaha how about that bitch
  5. Secret is : go piss on the walls where u stand and worship and you become the best assassin
  6. i can log anytime and i can be the wall in cz so you can stand front of me and worship me 😛
  7. what is jews they are arabs but they sold there souls to the walls 😛
  8. Death: shameless, racist, childish, and bullshit you talking about shameless dog hahaha 1. shameless you live on a land that is not yours bitch _l_ 2. racist you worship Donald trump mother fuckers so shut your mouth 3 childish ahahah go whip your dirty ass you have been crying since last year 4 bulllshit cut the bullshit jew and play stop crying
  9. Sculpy No idea what that means but correct me if i was wrong they say back in the days when people sell there Camels the offer you with 2 jews for free is that right ? Just Saying Cause google is lying 😛
  10. Death: i dont care about your newspaper i didnt even read it but i realized u said Syntex is good assassin why is it cause he is a jew. Syntex 1 Created on: 2019-08-25 19:44:00 2 Kills: 1003 3 Deaths: 1111 4 K/D Ratio: 0,90 i tell you what dude since this corona virus came out specially Australia they are so low on toilet papers could please death send me some toilet papers from there so i can whip the best assassins off
  11. Well what you call an ARAB^^ARABIAN^^ what you call turkey ^^TURKISH^^ im not being racist u want me to call you israelian or israelish or jew i prefer jew in my city Western Australia you get called jew everywhere no one says what the fuck you racist bl bl bl only people with fuckt up mentality like the Jews here right now who takes it so serious for nothing. oh well i dont think anything wrong with me saying jews. and now stop crying and come czzzzz i know it hurts when u lose castle come earn something dont just talk shit here bitchzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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