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  1. please server needs balance @nikos32
  2. talia is part of the game i honestly dont use talia but i dont mind anyone in the server to use it you cant just remove things cause its op
  3. i really dont care but i hate this idiot so mute him for 24hrs for his big mouth he insulted me https://pasteboard.co/IwEvADP.png @Majesty
  4. What goes around comes around 😁 1 MaDxQ 2019-09-03 01:53:00
  5. sorry but i see more active ppl on forum then cz : just saying 😛
  6. tuke just ignore and dont reply to any of these comments let them talk to themselves and when nikos checks you pc and you still playing thats the answer
  7. I never give up on anything even if I give up on something I pay with money to keep on going I didn't like your comment I dont even like you I accidently pressed it You are one of ugur lol u know the rest
  8. Those ppl are flaming ppl with 0 understanding and 0 knowlege Iam just showing them my dirty side cause that's what the deserve
  9. Well I don't like to be called cheater what's your word to that Mr majesty ?
  10. The Turks got involve that means majesty need to leave his comment too I guess I didn't say anything deserve ban I'm replying to those idiots and if you feel offended go ahead and ban me from forum
  11. So bad you are one of the worse priests ever you pay you rents from these private servers that's all I gotta say to you 😂
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