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  1. drop rate is fine. If you increase drop rates than theres nothing to do in server since no one is pking. farming is legitly the only thing you can do rn.
  2. You stated last time when you checked my PC, it was specifically because this server is the only one with "Anti-cheat system" that is why I am getting DCed unlike the other servers. But whatever, whats good is done. I am no longer playing anyways but thanks for trying your best.
  3. I stopped playing in this server & was part of Blood clan. Blood clan legitimately geared my friends Priest character & always participated in PKS/Events/farm. Don't join a clan if you cant accept clan rules which is provided in Clan Recruitment. I was one of the few that couldn't join in clan events so got bored of game & quit but they are good to my friend. Like I said don't join a clan if you cant accept clan rules, you aren't forced to join.
  4. nothing solved, so great server and all but everyone can log in 20 chars and go afk and make Tokens yet, yet I cant even keep my 1 character logged in all day to make 1/20 of profit they do. Great server but this "Anti-Cheat system" is not working since everyone in CZ Macroing and Auto Minorhealing anyways. Bye bye
  5. Buying raptor +8/Exc Raptor +8/Gigantic +8 2 handed Will pay KC or so. Thanks pm me ingame or here on price etc.
  6. Still getting same problems, really annoyed of this. This is the only server this happens to me in.
  7. How come this is happening to me? I havent seen anyone experience this besides me. I can play this game and not get DC but when I start merchanting I will eventually get DC
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