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  1. Quite positive 90% of private servers have the exact same post just saying. I been to over +4 with same ole same ole talk. This server don't enforce it or lots will be banned already.
  2. As posted in Forum chat This is what translator said: "Shut your mouth, you little virgin I don’t have to speak English as my mother tongue" BE FAIR ATLEAST, if he was able to get someone banned then BAN HIM TOO for same offense! Obviously he started the flame war. He continues to PM Me cursing me in french. If hes not gonna get banned than I think this server is dead for not being FAIR to the community and favoring others.
  3. TheWolverine just hurt my feelings on chat. Since he was able to get someone banned then he should be banned too for doing the same. Who knows what he said to other guy. TheWolverine Today 12:32 AM ferme ta gueule petit puceau je ne suis pas obligé parle anglais comme ma langue maternelle
  4. Just saw your chat talking to me, it's kinda obvious you started the "FLAME WAR". This is what you posted in forum chat. This is what translator said: "Shut your mouth, you little virgin I don’t have to speak English as my mother tongue" Its obvious you provoked this person regardless. Yet you crying wolf he hurt your feelings! If anything you and him should be muted for EQUALITY. This post is just gonna hurt you too TBH.
  5. Make it exactly same stats for USKO. If +7 is wrong fix it to USKO stats. If +8 is wrong....... fix it to USKO Stats. Doesn't matter if its gonna hurt peoples feelings, they probably knew the stats were wrong.
  6. B> Gig Axe +8 2Hand Light pm me Msg me in game or Here. Name: BinWeezy
  7. Decided to make a 2ndary character. Turns out every time I go to another location 90% of the time I will be frozen in "Loading Information [1]". Only solution is to task messenger and end task and reset game KO all over again. Is this an attempt to prevent cheaters from cheating or some sort??? If so, this is only hurting legit players trying to enjoy this game. I can't even merchant for 1 hr without getting DC'ed either, so I don't even bother attempting to get Hero/God of Wings. Probably one of the better KO private servers, but also one of the BUGGIEST. But at one point its going to frustrate players and just stop playing KO all together.
  8. I have the requirements to wear it, but its not possible to equip!!! Is there something wrong with new items from Chaotic generator?
  9. Buying Foverin +1 pm me in game or here
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