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  1. Hi, Is it possible to get a 15 STR paper set instead of the 15 HP set?
  2. T> for cs or in. i dunno keep the offers coming guys 5 people that want it so far lol
  3. B> Defender of the lord +6/7 B> full plate arrow def pads priest or any 5000000000000000 arrow defense shield bae/boomer ingame
  4. Hi, I encountered a bug today in the Forgotten Temple event. All waves did not spawn monsters There is 1 monster of every type summoned already upon entering These monsters cant be attacked The collection race cant be completed I have managed to sit out the entire event without being attacked The final boss never spawned, so there was no possible way to win the event right now Impression: https://ibb.co/M6XTF3H Tl;dr: monsters didn't spawn during waves
  5. Selling: Hr +0 bae/chef ingame
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