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  1. T> 2x lillime's for sse+1 B> rogue black chitin gaunts+7 contact me here or ingame: bae/baebae
  2. updated, pm me on forum, wont be in game much
  3. Can’t say I’m happy with everything in this update. I know you are all working hard and continue to make improvements, but this elemental damage nerfing and buffing is wrong in my opinion. I’m probably the only one that isn’t happy, but after spending hours farming, dealing with bugs & gathering money. I decided to invest in elemental rings just to get them not only nerfed, but made complete obsolete, with the hints towards bdw rings +1, all in one hour after buying it. Just feels like i waste my time on your server, true it’s a game and I’m here to waste my time, but still it feels bad. And of course, I know it was my decision to invest, so no big deal I’ll get over it. Anyways props on all the effort, bug fixes and added content,felankor looks fun!
  4. hoeveel voor je +8 pauldron :D, denk inderdaad dat ik mn iron belt gewoon houd, de rest ook overigens maak wel een rogue met mijn huidige voorraad
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