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  1. well i as many others have quit this server due to unfair bans, and the admins lack of professionalism and their blatant favoritism.... let it die when i quit there was one lucky random guy who got about 500gbs worth of items..
  2. hey heres an idea... since we are just making bosses drop everything.... make a vendor in morodon that sells all this stuff and make it less of a farm server now that everyone is at end game and make it a pure pvp server ...... hm there is the best solution... solves the problem of 1 clan hording bosses..... solves the equal play problem... will solve a lot of stuff in my opinion.... but hey what do i know i only gm-ed the longest running KO server of all time.. this comes from a player that started this server on day one, and has 4 fully geared toons... also it would encourage server growth as well since new players are at a very bad disadvantage in pvp/cz farm... all that
  3. im just saying.... 6 people with half decent gear vs 36 people with iron sets and dual RoF.. real fun... think maybe you can break up your clan to make the server fun again or will you continue to stay in the same clan with 36 of the 50 active players on the entire server.... hmmm be smarter. but that is totally fine if you do not... we can actually leave cz when u come and you can have fun with atross... i have all but quit this server because it has become no fun.. time for a server wipe imo...maybe get some new people in here... because i can guarantee you they all the other people left for one of two reasons... they got caught cheating.... or they are tired of getting bullied by gamblers.. anytime you guys go to cz.... 3 parties of gamblers vs 1 party of anyone else... that's fun... and thats my 2 cents.. if you dont like it...kiss it.
  4. mine is good i will keep it as is thank you!!
  5. warrior red set +7 warrior black gloves/boots +7 raptor +8 II +8 Helenid +7 dual w/e buying chitin shield
  6. no it is not ridiculous if they did nothing wrong.... i think maybe a gm made a mistake because bot fatty and oblivion are gg players and neither need a macro to kill anyone... yes i complain that oblivion kills me a lot in cz but he does not use a macro... he uses combo... as an ex-gm i can assure you oblivion doesn't macro and as fattys long time clannie i can assure he does not use macro either.... this is getting absurd that people that are true players and loyal to the server ar getting jailed for no reason... and furthermore i think if we have to show proof of people using macros for the admins to take action the they in turn should have to provide proof for banning/jailing someone for it
  7. maybe people have characters they leave in the abyss and log out there ... so gates dont matter...
  8. if you need help with farm i can help pm Drunkefool in game... i dont mind helping you... we need more players and this is how we do it
  9. this is the reason i have an archer and don't use it. most people don't even know there is an archer combo. good luck on the jail appeals and i hope you get compensation for the unfair jailings....
  10. lol funny as fuck...... rr4rr4rr4rr4rr4rr4rr4rr4rr4... i can do this all day long are are four are are four are are four are are four btw anyone who knows anything about playing ko four is the only number you would ever set a skill for a warrior... or bp for that matter... ever think maybe i was telling someone that???? i am in stitches...
  11. i use the effect on the anvil... since this bug has stared or effects have been removed... i cannot see anvil effect and it is hard to upgrade correctly... i depend on other people burning items to upgrade mine so this is important.. if you arent going to enable the anvil effect at least put one in EMC and Luferson that has it....
  12. well your previous comment sounded like you were defending his ILLEGAL actions and saying that there was no wrongdoing. sorry for the confusion
  13. so... logging 2nd account to kill in clan war isnt illegal... okay then... we can do that....
  14. i am sorry but if it was someone from any other clan... like say binweezy from blood it would be a perma ban... with that being said... cheating is cheating.... rules are rules.....and consequences are consequences.....do not do the crime if you are not willing to do the time.... make a new account and re-gear it like everyone else did that got banned... and don't do it again..
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