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  1. Really liked the idea. It will make things more intresting and will add a lot of value to the game.
  2. not even worth respond and explanations.. just ban the poor guy, we all feel sorry for him.. let him spread his nature in other places.. he is not welcome here(:
  3. Syntex (me) was a warr, then priest, then assasin. same char used to move between nations and so on. i have 3 more chars (2 of them assasins) that i move between them all the time. take for exmp Rev1enT4CuIOs , all he ever does is killing noobs that farm. k - 1447 d - 45 does it mean that he is a good player? hahah hell no. the most noob player ever. all it means is that he is not doing pk with party, that all he cares about is k/d so he kill noobs and run away all the time from strong players (same as u). unlike u, we r fighting no matter how many pple from our clan is online, no matter if its the good players of the clan or the new ones that still needs to learn how to play as a team. we fight, we die, we r coming back over and over again, never leaving cz because our number of ppl, or how many times we die. ppl like us is the reason this server still alive. pple who don't give a f*** about k/d or national points - we are here to enjoy and getting better in the process. not like u, die - leave cz. not many pple online? - leaving server. ppl from ur own clan says "best TBL player ever". say what ever u want, everyone knows who u really r and what ur using. as long as it makes u feel like u got a bigger d*** then anyone else - enjoy. we all know what u really have 🙂 (keep changing subjects, keep saying "jews" all the time in that negative way of urs, ur just showing ur true nature - which makes our point much stronger.)
  4. Dominator and 4Benyamin both TBL with No Mana cool down.. every stupid can see that. there is a limit to any rouge combo, what they r doing is way over the limits.. its simple to recognize no mana cool down + new mouse in there case.. noobs will stay noobs, they can only fool themselves, not on the other good and legit players on the server. eventually they will get ban for good, its just matter of time.
  5. if that was the case - my bad, and 4 other pple bads.. if not, admins will take care 🙂
  6. Hey, "Spectre" using macro.. no way he could have taken me 1 vs 1, he is hitting me faster then possible. so i asked other friends to fight with him, say the same thing. please cheak him. thanks a lot!
  7. Hey every one. i would like to hear your thoughts about armor and stat points.. well, my stats are - str 255, hp 122. would you change it? if you do, why? other issue - Black Chitin? or Red Chitin? i saw that one is more about health, the other is str. what armor you think is best, with which stats points?
  8. Hey everyone, as a new member at knight online, I wonder if there is a guide on how to fight in PKS ? for example , warrior VS rough, Mage Vs XX, XX VS XX and so on.. is there something like that? and if not, can someone explain to me how i should fight with my Warrior? it seems like always people do some tricks that i don't know. some of them get me stuck, others have some special attacks and things like that. my Hp "Drinks" never enough to stand for a long fight some details - str 255 hp 122 raptor +7 armor set - chitin pualdoron +6 wings of PK FT belt & neckless beginner Earrings ring of Courage X2 but again, i would like to know more about how to fight against each character, i know that i need Black chitin and all that stuff to be more strong(: thanks a lot!
  9. Hey, i am new here yesterday, i was playing in CZ and tried to register to FT but it said that i need 5K national points. at that time my friend was playing with my other human user, and i told him to come and i will kill him and it will help me.(killed him 4 / 5 times, got from 3.2K NPT to 3.7NPT ,saw it's a waste of time and stopted) now i can't log in to my accounts(omri23, syntex), i guess that i got banned for that. i did not know it. if you can reconsider and give me a second chance, i will never do something like that again, it really was by naive mistake.
  10. Hey, i am trying to login with my character, and when i press "START" its immediately disconnect from the server. what can i do?
  11. I took off all my equpiment, it worked. thank you very much guys!
  12. Hey, i accidently added points to Dex, insted of Hp. so i went to the one in moradon that can give me the option of changing my stat points. i click on it (not on skill change) , and nothing happens. what can i do? start a new charcter is hard work for me
  13. This is what opens after that - -- 2019/08/19 22:19:51 [SOACS Info] Game started -- 2019/08/19 22:19:51 [SOACS Info] SOACS version [A596817]-[Mon Jul 29 11:15:58 2019] -- 2019/08/19 22:19:51 [SOACS Info] Windows version [10.0.18362.0] -- 2019/08/19 22:19:51 [SOACS Info] Initializing main functions -- 2019/08/19 22:19:51 [SOACS Info] [AE] [a860525c49ad55d2a1aa49d380185935] -- 2019/08/19 22:19:51 [SOACS Info] Exception handler initialized -- 2019/08/19 22:19:55 [SOACS Info] Main process functions created -- 2019/08/19 22:19:58 [SOACS Info] [IVP]: Verified -- 2019/08/19 22:19:58 [SOACS Info] [LH] [3029] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:01 [SOACS Info] Memory interface integration started -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Memory interface integration completed -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Unique ID created -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] [KK][48] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] SDP mod activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] (x64) system detected -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] System service is starting up... -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] System service started successfully -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] [SZ1][1c] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] [SZ2][4] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] [SZ3][4e] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] CSRSS process id: 612 -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] WLG process id: 704 -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] [SM1][20] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] [SM2][20] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] DBG process id [0] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] AA system activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Rights are being received -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Rights received -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] User pool worker created -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] In-game browser fix applied -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Main functions started -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Initializing modules -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] [CRC1][98] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] [CRC2][60] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] [CRC3][22] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Monitoring system activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] System settings are being applied -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] System segments are being checked -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Log system is being activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Address instructions are being activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] ID setting is being activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Widescreen support activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] DM nicknames activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] BF nicknames activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Advanced display settings activated -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Camera angle set to: 10.00 -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] HPBar settings applied -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Modules started -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] Game launched successfully -- 2019/08/19 22:20:02 [SOACS Info] ProfessionalKO window is active -- 2019/08/19 22:20:17 [SOACS Info] Cheat detection module [88,15352] -- 2019/08/19 22:20:17 [SOACS Info] Game closed (by system)
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