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  1. PM here or ingame ChubbyBunny Ty.
  2. Buff the drop rate as soon as possible.Most of the items are either overpriced or very difficult to find.10%-20% buff to the drop rate should do the trick.
  3. All good man.I don't know how much it sells for now though.
  4. lmao dude,i've already sold it but tyvm for that generous offer!
  5. well it is +6 now,would you still be interested?
  6. Pm offers here or ingame to ChubbyBunny or CheekyBastard
  7. pm offers here or ingame to: CheekyBastard or ChubbyBunny
  8. as the title says,selling +1 chd.you can pm offers here or ingame to: CheekyBastard or ChubbyBunny
  9. Hey guys I''ll be buying : +7 Lightning erenion +7 Mage black chitin pads +1 imir (could be dual also) You can pm me ingame: -ChubbyBunny -ProgressiveAttack or PrograssiveAttack Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey there I've found about this server today and currently playing as a bp priest since i need to farm exp (lvl 36ish atm but willing to change it to debuffer or healer depending on what the team needs).I dont know the hot exp spots since im new so i dont mind training with other newbies while i gear up and meet the requirements for the main clan. I can speak English and Turkish and willing to use discord. igm is ChubbyBunny Thanks in advance
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