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  1. That makes it even more competitive and fun,keeps the cz/pking alive too.Personally,i wouldn't mind that.Perhaps mini isi for delos which has a lower drop rate for unique items.
  2. Here comes the excuses again,it clearly says as well meaning i thought you were from there.Do something about it instead of crying here.Move to someplace else if you are not happy there.
  3. You know nothing about him.Those are accusations,not facts.You cannot lash out on people just because you've lost your job or have personal problems.Stop playing the victim here,you are a well known troll wanna be on this server. I'm from the UK as well,healthcare is free here.Make the call to get yourself on the list to see a therapist as soon as possible. And also,don't be so judgemental.You aren't the only one dealing with problems or depression.Every single player on this server have or had their own personal problems.Keep it to yourself and seek professional help.Stop judging other people,and lose the victim mindset that you have.The world isn't against you.You can always get a new job by the way,it's not the end of the world. Chi here
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