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  1. so about lr !!! will not chnage light mage is just npt at cz if u can see death so hight for light mage so there is any idea about chnage lr stun again or i go chnage my class !?
  2. hi guys like topic title say`s S> mage items B> 2Xflame ring , Hb+7 ,Raptor+8 and red chitins +7 pm : Recone or : xReconeX or pm me here
  3. really !! so why u run after mage all time in cz !!! when u see me u left your party and your enamy only just run after mage coze he die 2 hit also when i hit u with staff no stun coze u already used magic sheild so its fair for u coze mage die in 2 hit and no stun gg rofl
  4. iam fll mp and say`s to u its suxc play suport mage or leave it coze they didnt get enough with mage deff die 2 hit no they cry also coze he have stun rofl
  5. omg this server hate mages low def no plink low hp and now low stun how that haapen u already checked it before and u stuned 2/32 so now what 0 /32 hit !!!!!? really ?!
  6. hi everyone , i want to buy Cs , IN and Ib pm me here or in game Recone xReconex
  7. omg XXX why why registering in events is disabled for users being in Jail Zone that is too bad cant spend 30 min to farm shit when i jail for any resones i just log off until next event its imposible to spent 30 min for shit plx check it again maybe do it lost 500 nps or any thing eals but already i play 4 -5 h everyday and no way to spend it farm at jail unmber 2 , 4 , 6 and 8 is best nice job also plx do something for distance from npc
  8. guys lets see how humans win last lns photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 so lets make human accounts and win easy lns *_* i think at least they should take ban ip for who doing this shit also no rewards for human at last lns coze they didnt play fair game
  9. hi everyone , iam Recone i want to talk about mage black chitins (paper mages) in this server paper mage is really suxc stun not even 30% ( 3-5 hit to 1 stun ) sometimes i count to 10 hit to stun also deff is so weak and his hp is low (mage die in 3 -5 hit max ) so i suggest some thing to help paper mages : first let`s see what paper mages use at game they use mage linen robe +7 ( give 50 def + 12 hp ) give more deff but low hp and so cheap and black chitins pulad +7 ( 41 def + 16 hp ) give more hp but low deff and very expensive and not different too much than mage linen robe so all mages paper dont use black chitins so weak and useless for that iam suggestiing to chnage def for mages black chitins to mage linen robe deff be ( 50 def + 16 hp or 16 mp or 16 str ) coze some mages want str more stun or more mp why only hp that not fair to mages also other parts that will be good to paper mages can pk and black chitins will back to active i already talk with other mages to come server and when they test stun and items they say this server not fair for paper mages . or there other idea change selfname staff int to 70 not 100 coze wood staff not enough for pk i didnt see in any server mages use (wood staff) in pk and warriors use (hb)XD not fair plx help paper mages or server will be for warriors and suport mages hope u check this soon thx
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