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  1. Iam waiting idea like that for along time maybe best idea for ppl who the first on monthly ranking good idea chucky gj
  2. Iam with barbrossa no 1 can use this nickname bec that is speaicl name and so important for muslium ppl
  3. this guy speaking to me with many bad words and iam not answer him bcs i dont need to speak with this kinds of people so get for me my right https://ibb.co/7y3kKyY Thxx
  4. hi hi hi everyone, like topic say`s my list B> Glass Belt , Hb+8 , 2 X FR+1 , Red Chitins Warrior +7 set , 2 X PE +1 and too many KC S> IN , IB , CS , Wings Of God , LKP +1 , Mage Erring +1 , Fivoren +1 , Raptor +8 , Fll Set Priest Red Chitin +7 and 300 GBs Sell Gb`s Only For Knight Cash Conect with me here or in game pm : xReconex , Recone
  5. why we didn`t add great item`s for Nation Points already Nps is mean nothing in game not usful so why we didn`t add something good for np`s like hb+8 for 1 mil Nps or Red-Black chitihns +7 for 100 +8 for 500k that will let more ppl active at pk better than they just stay at mora for more treading
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