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  1. angeloff i vsed u and u ran away from me ,i had like 80% hp left,BOOOOOOOOOOOO here,but i couldnt drop realnigga hp,explain?U cant,ty.
  2. Lol so only 3 or 4 got.share rest of pt no?lmao
  3. what shouldnt be tolerates is that ur F clan still able to play server when we all know ur cheating and u got reported quite a few timea already.
  4. Skel?Eternal?Shouldnt Vindictive pay you not Eternal?xD
  5. You're the one who kept quoting me,forget me and play the game.
  6. Learn how to be in a proper clan? Says the guy who trash talked of: -Blood- -Loyalty -WankerS Rejoined Blood. Ur gonna talk about clan jumpers when u joined 4 diff clans in 5 days or less?Firs you talked shit about Blood,when i asked you why you left and went human side,then you left Loyalty to join WankerS with PoXiD,and talked shit about Harunga, when i came human side you were in WankerS,i was offline for 1 day,then you already left WankerS and rejoined Loyalty with Harunga,and u talked shit about PoXiD and his assists,and now you left Harunga's clan again and rejoined Blood. Really,dont talk to me about being on a proper clan,cause ur not the example of it.
  7. Because Sinister said everyone got their money,so why that guy uploads the ss? And also Sculpy,fuck off with you already,u have been trash talking about Blood for a long time,you joined,you left,you came back and rejoined,all you said about Blood was they were noobs ,and you have the big face of rejoinning. Im sad about Sinister,you dont even know who you readded on clan,Sculpy is 0 trustable,but thats up to you.
  8. Did u get ur 9-10 gbs from the iron belt?
  9. Stop crying over a kingship,gosh,play the fucking game if u can even do that anymore,everyone reporting retarded things.
  10. It should work in pve aswell to my eyes,shios,flames and foverins aswell,if its + elemental dmg,has to work against everything.
  11. I didnt listen that then,and i went back with Arkadio to our discord channel since pk was over,lol,stop spreading fucking lies over me,and let me tell you someth,what if i fucking heared him asking for it?it was mine,if i dont want to give it whats ur fucking problem?You are really funny,give away your iron belt so someone else can use,we will see your answer,moron. Cant believe i ever enjoyed playing with you,ur another ego player that only care for himself. Since i left ive only got pms of members asking what happened,and some of them already left you,why? Maybe start looking at your own mistakes instead of someone's else,cause the problem here is you,and you can see how clan has gone since i left xD. I was one of the most active/helpful members you had in every aspect,next time treat people as they deserve,dont try to be someone you cant be.
  12. Clowney never asked me for the cs?What are you talkin about?atleast i dont have knowledge of this,if he told u that then hes a liar,but i never was asked for the cs. And who i talked about lol?the only thing i said was to not give free items cause many people left and went human,i never spoke bad of anyone..
  13. Well,u told me to log disc,i logged a few times when there was decent pk,but for eslant/crs wasnt neccesary for me,but come on,that wasnt the reason i left ,dont lie,u can just say that u didnt like me or whatever the reason was,but the way you talked to me many times wasnt friendly at all,if im in a clan,is to have fun,not get insulted. And well,without disc i managed to organized and get some isi's,imagine what i would accomplish with disc..but i guess you will never know now.I heared Blood isnt a clan anymore,dunno what may be the reason.. Good luck anyways,i appreciated you until the very end.
  14. Well,i left because Sinister said "you have cs and is not enough","you are mad because you wont get the iron belt",and the last funny thing "you are in the clan for items". Everyone clearly knows that i was doing a lot for the clan,thats why i i had tons of pms after leaving: -Organizing isiloon parties -Camping eslant like a mofo for nothing,cause the only thing i got from clan in 1 month or more was a Rogue Earring,and well,i found the HQ. -I was advicing him stuff to do,suggested to give the IB to an active priest,then he became retard mode and the rest you know it. At first clan was really fine,but it suddenly changed,he started to speak to me like if i was a shit,and in not tolerating that from anybody,so he got what he deserves,people leaving the clan and it became really a non trustable clan. GL with it tho,had much fun in there.
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