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  1. Most of the people got banned,i didnt myself,but i left long time ago,i check forums from time to time to see how its going.
  2. Again?it doesnt matter how many resistances you have,slow/stun rate isnt affected by resistances,only affects damage,the more resists you have,the less damage you will take.Easy and simple as that.
  3. When did i sell or buy stuff for $?Prove it,but you cant.I moved to wow classic thats why im not playing anymore,but i see same ammount of idiots around.
  4. S>2x shard+8 -rogue shell boots+8 -rogue chitin gauntlet +8 2x-foverin -2x rogue red chitin+8 -2x howling rooster -WP+1
  5. I dont even play anymore,but im forced to reply,u scammed an IB from a clan drop,now u get the same medicine,if before nothing was done,why now will you?
  6. Juraid 3 times per week,and since the launch of the server everyone could get gems from tokens..so dont know,looks normal to me,server is 3 months old almost.
  7. In usko 72 slowed for sure,theres some mage pk vids in youtube where it clearly slows enemies.
  8. Yeah sure,remembering him that he is from Peru and saying most of players who get banned are peruvians,actually helps him so much. Also,u gonna come here trying to teach me how to speak in english? Funny one.
  9. Dude wtf seriously,leave the fucking attituted of wanting everyone to quit the server holy fucking shit with you. I have known chazon for years,he was king in the last proko server,and he is very trustable,nikos knows him aswell.
  10. He was banned for a month or mofe already ehhh..is not his new char TermintoR
  11. Oh god,leave server already lol,or keep buying items for $ and get banned over and over,thats the best u can do actually,buy items for $ and macro.
  12. Ur so smart rofl,u use the same name to ur old one which got banned,rofl,u bought items on terminator and u bought on termintor,easy as that,u created char 2 days ago and ur fully geared,u gotta be smarter dude,holy shiet.
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