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  1. another advice to you my friend, stop drinking camel piss
  2. GL HF. please try your best bro :)
  3. crying again LMAO :)))) you are crying on forum you are crying at ingame. your tears started to disturb players did you notice that? get a life dude :))
  4. get a life lmao. you are crying crying crying. this forum is filled with your tears
  5. https://youtu.be/eC67k772Zeg https://ibb.co/ftp6Nd6 @Jno :)))))
  6. welcome bro pm me when you are online. i can gift you some pk stones
  7. şey mi ? the clanından en çok NP kasan Gamblers üyesi kimdir desek herhalde farklı olurdu sonuçlar
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