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  1. i geared over 50 users with a uniq items till now. what did you done ? and you ? you done secret agrements with another selfish clan like your clan. you guys dropped items and sold them on moradon or maybe with $. you guys tried to sell felankor rings on moradon and that felankor ring came from my clan guy to you anyways bro your sentences make no sense. all time you have excuses excuses. numbers, items, weather, capes, drops. we are owning CZ till we started to play, even without gear/numbers. as i said before i sacriface so many thingy to gather up my community. follow our steps maybe one day you can do better then ours p.s. i voted no 3 days ago. even i dont care about CSW. GL your boss hunt. as i said before you are "just" good at killing bosses with 25 eslantbabas
  2. yes you guys only kill ultima maybe with your ally clan (allstars). that was the most you could do on here till you guys started to play.
  3. simple,i love to play here. but i wish i can find some pk for eu time.
  4. do you have any manner pathetic? when you want to kill isiloons CSW was really big deal for you guys. even you didint open delos gates once. you guys non stop killed it and you were happy, till you lose csw how the table have turned, now you guys calling csw as useless "cool story"
  5. i need a better translate for that. i know he is swearing. @Observer https://ibb.co/tmRJ54N
  6. NotSoBad


    any room for a priest
  7. i promise you, next 2 x felankor drops i will give you and you will give your clan members. but one of them must go to sinisterwar please and they wont sell them on moradon bro
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