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  1. NotSoBad

    Good bye.

    i will miss you and keep in touch gg priest and nice friend take care
  2. the fact is "you are looser " and you will always be looser my friend. yes we left cuz we bored. there isnt any challenge on server. im bored of killing / dominating same players on events. thats why stopped play here. anyways bye
  3. yalancıyı sikmiyorlar ya asdfasdsaadsgfasddasgfvsdasasd
  4. ne anlatıyorsun sen? iyi ki atmış clandan seni.
  5. who was GM, please enlighten me p.s. i hate you why dont you give your chitins to me
  6. delostan kimin neye ihtiyacı varsa bugüne kadar yardım ettik verdik. PM atarsın clandan birisine kapıyı açar içeri girer. istersen piknik yaparsın istersen mob kesersin.
  7. you have really big pain in your ass and its "Gamblers" cry more please cuz you are shit. we > whole server. it was so EZ. i respect many many ppl who deserve my "respect" and you deserve just shit
  8. i played top clans on usko, not as newbie. so stop calling me as "noob" about that game. whats about you? you are like forum girl man. you are under everypost even on chatbox. why you have to answer on everypost? look at here also. i didnt write anything to you. i told my opinion about blinking and i told its not bug but you started to attack again. you are doing this shit last 2 months man. now you started to play on forum instead of playing as "player". dont worry we are leaving again soon. cuz achieved many many things. we owned CZ,CSW, boss fights, skillz, NP etc. we got everything. so we can leave and you can try to show yourself on CZ again for hunt low players
  9. l2 play. even i dont know you, who you are?
  10. i never cried i never QQed about something here. character blinking wasnt a problem till now? i played this game more more then you my friend. seriously you dont know anything about this game. even at usko even at private servers i hold this castle very very long time. im sorry but really you dont know anything about profko also. you can ask to nikos, how many times he destroyed artifact while we were fighting outside of the castle. then we stopped to play here. let me tell you something. at xigenon we hold this castle with 36 ppl really really long time, till idiot racist duwolfy came back to csw with 5x ally clan with catapult bugs. even on that date, characters were blinking when you ressurrect them. anyways thats a story, i know you dont care but please answer my question. you were with us at CSW fights. "blinking" was not a problem till server launched. what did change my friend tell me? skype filled up with your tears or some one else cried for it? do you remember these days on usko? i remember older than that even i played on these days
  11. "blinking is not a bug" its nature of this 18 years old game enough said. bye
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