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  1. you never faarmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how you get Gbs Give us your bank account soo we can see
  2. whyy we dont see all the conversation and i suppose you will say exact time and date soo Gm will check all the pm's between them
  3. we dont care about the set We care about the unique that he use in his acc also we didnt even asked for FT coupons in his acc the set we dont need it was added to the list by mistake
  4. We had Our clan bank in Leader's acc We would like some help we want a Gm to enter the banned acc to check 2k KC 2 x lycaon pent 1 x lupus 2 x lesath 1 x shaula 2 x barkira Wings of Pk Thx for your support
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