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  1. Ch3v4 never win bravery award he's always around of cardinal spots.
  2. Fatih Terim is a famous Turkish football manager,he have a motto;Look at the tabela.And i have a word for u;Go play in the sand.
  3. This isn't racism yes but if u don't like Turks why do u want our help for killin Isilioon?Aren't you ashamed? And yes,i don't like swedes.
  4. Warrior Red Chitin Set +7 Hell Breaker +7 Mirage +8 2x Flame Ring 2x Warrior Earring String of Skulls +1
  5. Ben temizim diyenden daha temizim...
  6. The blank character of the server.He's callin me vs and result... Stop runnin and crying.After this keep calm and shut up. https://imageshack.us/i/pn2fElSrj
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