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  1. Good job man and we are joking among ourselves,no problem.😁 Don't hear them bro everything for Fenerbahçe.😁 @BlackPride
  2. @BlackPride bro u must be a sin and u should use the top right effect 😂
  3. Steady seni tersinden düzünden hemde makrosuz,kafa yorma bunlara.
  4. ele deme abisi hem insan hemde delikanlıymış.
  5. Bu şey değil mi ya?Dünyanın en kısa fıkrası?
  6. Kefen tamam,adres verirsen kalanı ayarlayalım?
  7. Ice staff skill yavaşlatma oranı ve süresi mi?Biz bunu neden anlatamıyoruz,72 ice staff yavaşlatmaz.🙄
  8. Guys there's something i don't understand.Have they given us the items you mentioned?Are you crazy?Early in the server orcs have chitin shield's,iron set's we have only one iron neck in the clan.We didn't talk that much.We worked hard and did.Believe me,you can!People wanna everything same with usko but not when it comes to Castle.We keep the castle as an ornament?Also this item isn't releated to the difference.You have only two good priests in the your race.You have more magicians than us.Your number is more than us.You aren't well organized.Disband your clans and create new clans with active players.You can't beat us like this.And finally please stop crying for 'Your items full geared!'
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