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  1. Omg I see in ur picture, what they TRY kill TK, and u trying trade him, u never play, u all time report, and report all, go make ur server and play solo better, for y all use macro or cheat, maybe need some learn how play ko
  2. In my case when upgrade some times in anvil, when keep my items in hostess, when change staff for shield, or any armor for anti..
  3. Skill 72 ice staff skill slowing yes... but no have range, can't made combo cuz when u use it ur char stay static... need fix style ice staff skill to last patch, but slowing.....
  4. Im TRY search a video, but no search, in maxko usko and others servers was work slowing skill 72 mage ice, but no found...
  5. 72 skill too slowing down man, u never play usko or what?, or in light only 42 skill stun?.... Is ilogic, 72 and 42 skill need work slowing... Need funny pk with ice mage too...
  6. Ofc... need skill 72&42 ice mage slow enemies, and none report u any cuz, none play ice mage.... all play light , but when u want play ice mage, ur skill 72 and 42 no work slow.... need fix it pls...
  7. Sell: Black chitin rogue helmet +7 Black chitin rogue glaunt +7 Black chitin rogue pads +7 Black chitin rogue boots +7 HELENID +7 HOWLING ROOSTER Buy: Lobo staff +7 Glacier staff +7 Lighting Erenion +7 imir ring +1 shio tears +1 pm here or in game Apple
  8. @Observer @Majesty @nikos32 can help him with this reporte pls?, he say what when TRY kill a boss Bizon make trade him
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