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  1. Death, why no up movie of our vs? :D, but nice movie bro gj.!
  2. Nikos check when I make a posible LIST what use macro, I know Razor, Logitech, x-mouse software, and all no is only help for Minor, u can edit the BUTTONS, for more fast pot or rr attacking or autoattack too, im no need check his pc for detect what they use any mouse software for ko bro, with the experience only can know it. And Leeroy ::Truenita::, AngelK4id0 are my olds friends and they got my acc too, relax they dont know play warrior. When I Loging and pm u for VS, u ask me and come, but all ur clan attack me LOL. Now when u want VS, we wait what Nikos made a VS Event and see me play with all chats, Archer, assas, Warrior, Mage, Bp. But im old Archer and assas. Never play warrior hahaha and can beat u Grand Father of Warrior hahaha, peace and love and Stop use Software LOL.
  3. LOL, relax ur Ego man, u no had good combo, Who say it?, need see ur reallity lol, and all time what we go VS, ur friends attack me, we only made 1 VS, but when u want come go real VS. This post is about ur far attack, all ppl see when 4 or 5 warriors of ur clan follow me and all same distance than u, and the unique what can attack me are u, say me how?, I thinked what was visual bug, but see it how 20 more times LOL. And When anyone of ur clan are banned for using cheating or broken any rulers, automátic, others members of ur clan cry and sell his items, and gms un banned LOL, if u no like fair play, nice.
  4. About far atack Of Leeroy, i all time pm Nikos cuz no is was ur combo Lerooy lol, u got 150 years olds and dont know reading comprehension?, is abput ur LONG FAR ATTACK, MUCH TIMES 5 OR 6 WARRIORS WITH U AND THE UNIQUE WARRIOR WHAT CAN ATTACK FAR ON ME ARE U? HOW?....LOL
  5. Hey guys, im dont cry, only say deleite Ctrl for see, if u continúe with ur good Minor?, and chucky if u dont know any about mouse gamer, better shut UP, in ur mouse gamer software u can make "MACROS" and program 1 of ur 7 bottons for pot mana more fast, and x7 more fast Minor than 1 normal mouse, why u think what OXIJEAN CHANGE HIS SET BLACK FOR SHELL IN VS?, and Acura, yes Black Killed me 2 times cuz was bored, but ask him later I kill 10 times, and I Killed Huckle some times too, and Leeroy never kill me in VS with my asas LOL, stop cry about DELETE Ctrl, go TRY DELETE CTRL FOR 1 OR 2 WEEK AND SEE IF U ARE Good, GEEK I know he is good too, cuz we old player of Maxko.
  6. yes i say it , what he using ctrl minor + macromouse .... CUZ IF HE PLAYING WITH FINGERS IN HIS KEYBOARD, MINOR WAS IN SKILLBAR...
  7. Yes, he kill me ofc for his macro mouse,and can see in the movie, but COME NIKOS DELETE CTRL MINOR, AND COME VS AGAIN, AND SEE HOW UR " BEST" ROGUE" DIE SO EASY ;). IM OLD SCHOOL USE FINGERS NAB.
  8. Cuz a lot of noobs asas atm using ctrl minor + mouse gamer with macro (x7 times more fast) and they say " im the best " and warriors no got so much chance to beat they.... for Exmp rogues what using ctrl minor + mouse gamer with macro are : JrAcura NitricOxide( Oxijean) RealNiggaTocall TheDominator GO TEST DELETE CTRL MINOR 1 WEEK OR MORE,AND SEE HIS REALITY.!.
  9. I think same, he want sell for USD, cuz is same give pm in forum or discord, cuz u take on web of forum in ur explorer LOL @nikos32 check this bro.
  10. And what u report?, u pm me for insulting, insulting insulting, and what u want what I say u?, continúe using TALIA for ur "VS", bye. Peace and love for all guys. Apple.
  11. This Rental system is of server items, put for the owner, no for user rental to other user... Is Server rental system, but yes maybe in +8 high class was good.. But with rules, if u got more than 100k nps cant use this system.. More drop and more upgrade? REALLY?, All old user loss his time in Full farm for get good items, and now UP EASY?, I think no is good, maybe good for newbies, but for old players?, u can play with items of rental npc, and can farm or pk easy LOL. Or maybe u wanna free and bored fast items?.
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