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  1. Selling: CHD +6 Buying: Shio +1 FT Neck +1 Rogue shell +8 Pm me in-game/ forum - Fatty/ MrSiu
  2. Same thing just happened...when I class changed my rogue into priest. Instant turned female -.-
  3. Help please... Problem 1) When I nation transferred, my mage changed to female gender. When I was created as human, it was male. Problem 2) I know that class change is a non-tradeable item, but didn't know you can't bank it either...any chance I can get a refund/ help me move it to the correct character slot? Tyty
  4. Selling: Giantic Axe +7 (1h ICE) Giantic Axe +7 (2h LIGHT)
  5. Selling: Helenid +7 Giantic Axe (1h, ICE) +7 II+8, HB+7 Warrior Black Chitin PADS +7 Buying: Giantic Axe +7, 1h (ICE) Rogue Shell Set +7 please pm with offer - ign Fatty
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