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  1. Hey... can we do something re: CZM and Laonbelisk taking only 2 arrows from multiple shot/ arrow shower please.
  2. Same problem here, internet is fine and have no problem playing other games....
  3. So... @nikos32? whats the typical respond time on stuff like this? Please reply/ comment on this even if it is annoucing that 'archers are now out of scope for this server'. So I will class change accordingly. Thanks.
  4. Referencing to your 'List of players used macro - 24/11/2019 - 30/11/2019' Not sure what I need to say... besides telling you I have been doing the exact same combos/ using the exact same characters/ no major changes in my K/D.R... 1) Appeal to remove my strike...(and compensate for my time lost doing this jail bs) 2) Please do let me know what caused you to 'strike' me... 3) Let me know which satly nerd cried over my archer 'shower' combo so I can combo even faster on them. Thanks, Your apparent 'macro' player - Fatty.
  5. @nikos32. In game name - Fatty here... Not sure how you detected me using 'macro', but can you review it again/ let me know if I have anything on my pc which triggered you to think so please... If this was just based on someone who reported me after being raped, last time I checked, that is not ban/ jail worthy. Thanks...
  6. Selling: CHD +6 Buying: Shio +1 FT Neck +1 Rogue shell +8 Pm me in-game/ forum - Fatty/ MrSiu
  7. Same thing just happened...when I class changed my rogue into priest. Instant turned female -.-
  8. Help please... Problem 1) When I nation transferred, my mage changed to female gender. When I was created as human, it was male. Problem 2) I know that class change is a non-tradeable item, but didn't know you can't bank it either...any chance I can get a refund/ help me move it to the correct character slot? Tyty
  9. Selling: Giantic Axe +7 (1h ICE) Giantic Axe +7 (2h LIGHT)
  10. Selling: Helenid +7 Giantic Axe (1h, ICE) +7 II+8, HB+7 Warrior Black Chitin PADS +7 Buying: Giantic Axe +7, 1h (ICE) Rogue Shell Set +7 please pm with offer - ign Fatty
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