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  1. weird, everything is working fine for me... and my connection is crappy like only a few here i guess
  2. Instead of saying names, you should start reporting them with good proofs... Then you will see if this server is koxper friendly or not P.s. sorry if i don't reply in spanish but i only do understand it
  3. i'm not sure i would agree on this tbh... people would afk anyway, even adding small drops to mobs
  4. Hey guys... lately i had the feeling that Border Defense Wars are not as appealing as they were before... so i wondered if it may be wise to add a few Bravery Award as reward in there as well My starting idea was about 5 Bravery Award to each player in the winning team. What do you think?
  5. rising up isiloon and "standard" bosses drops will end up feeding top tier / old players only... Newcomers may grab one chaotic kekurikekukaka from flag / chaos stone and get lucky in the other way...
  6. Looks like we're going nowhere but escalating here... TerminatoR asks for balance, that's it (he may be right or wrong, i'm not here to judge)
  7. I had the very same issue when killing Hyde with my noob mage... was getting hit while seeing him so far away i guessed it was a connection issues, but, apparently, it was not then
  8. Muted already thanks for reporting (Strike 1 applied).
  9. I'd suggest to wait a bit before saying "that's too much, this should be better" Judging by numbers, those items aren't meant to be flooding server within a few days Anyway, Gg update i like it P.s. i like this suggestion as well: "I have a suggestion for u nikos. In order to engage users better maybe u can build a feature that letting bowl bosses items' conversion to Bravery Awards."
  10. https://ibb.co/Cz2m2Hr i don't like it tho internazionale got a rough one and juventus an easy one...hope i won't win hahaha
  11. Click (don't press enter) on Connect button... If fails to login, close "connecting" lil window and try again in 5 seconds (don't spam click) Rinse, repeat till you log in If you don't enter within 6 "connecting" windows, close KO and try again
  12. I replied on shoutbox about him and other reports: When we read about someone we will take a look over them as soon as we can, need to wait for us to be sure they are cheating (or online, as when i logged, he was off) We can't ban on words, need to be sure, even if it takes some time
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