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  1. Click (don't press enter) on Connect button... If fails to login, close "connecting" lil window and try again in 5 seconds (don't spam click) Rinse, repeat till you log in If you don't enter within 6 "connecting" windows, close KO and try again
  2. I replied on shoutbox about him and other reports: When we read about someone we will take a look over them as soon as we can, need to wait for us to be sure they are cheating (or online, as when i logged, he was off) We can't ban on words, need to be sure, even if it takes some time
  3. He said "by GB or KC" Not "BUY"... He means he sells/buy only with those 2 currencies
  4. I'm honest, this kinda looks like witch-hunting to me As nikos said, we need proofs from our forum or in game. We'd like to be sure before banning someone. Looking forward for them, meanwhile closing this.
  5. Those kind of trades are not encouraged, as we can not give out proper support about them
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