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  1. This make me laugh everytime... like someone must state "ehy, if we drop something good we have to share" before doing anything... Nice effort tho Gladiator i am sure braveheart will appreciate
  2. good luck find a party again you guys don't understand that this isn't New York... need to play fair if you want to keep server alive and fun
  3. This is the wrong section, need to appeal here: http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/forum/11-ban-appeal-apelación-de-ban-ban-açtırmak/
  4. My 2 cents: there's no need to be clear about this rule No, you can't bug abuse to get isiloon in delos if gates are closed
  5. well, if someone got one isi in delos with gates closed, he had to cheat somehow to get it... i see their point
  6. Password in website are case sensitive... there may be a capital letter somewhere
  7. Thanks, i see things more clearly now, i may have overreacted but i really couldn't see the irony at first. Have a gn as well
  8. "Your orc friends" isn't misunderstandable. As soon as i saw your post, i brought it to nikos' attention, that's all i can do. As nikos said on shoutbox, he's getting pretty busy with updates but he never missed any report in this section, so it is only a matter of time/patience. "As a players we have also limit in patience." Like you need another isi, don't you? I will tolerate no more "racist" or "corrupt" attacks, be warned. And last, but not least: "We are investigating" if it makes you feel better.
  9. I'm really getting tired of this, you better watch your mouth, cause my patience has a limit
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