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  1. Server manage to hold on for more then a year thats way way more then all of the ko servers - wipe is a must .. all the farmers crying
  2. Yes (Sculpy) server need fresh start - might come back aswell can never know
  3. you can contact me on discord Sculpy#0590 i can help
  4. nice ksc's fun playing with you guys - and fun playing against you !! gg clan, you have my respect !
  5. this video is just for fun ofc !!! respect to both clans! have fun guys
  6. Best assassin i ever played with !!!! awesome video bro - great editing !
  7. you actually spent a whole clip on blood ?? gee thanks i feel so special
  8. waste of time talking to that kid. i wonder what happend when he goes afk on them
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