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  1. thanks alot for fast respond. keep up the good work.
  2. i understand what you are saying - but i have no other way to sent it .. i didnt took KSC- and i got time to wait - thats not a big issue.
  3. i think its not necessary anymore to flame him since he regret his actions .. people do mistake bro..
  4. thats why i tagged nikos cuz i cant upload the whole conversation cuz it gonna be a lot of SS's nikos can see the whole conversation like a txt log. and i dont have the PM anymore cuz i got dcd few times after uploading it.
  5. its working for everyone, can you give me a site that i can upload it to ? i can do it to there aswell
  6. Hello everyone, i usually dont do such things cuz i know people can get mad sometimes and thats natural. but this guy is a scammer and you all know me i dont like scammers. https://imgur.com/s5HlSAn https://imgur.com/fweITRn second SS the name of the guy is HateTheLast and this is the same guy as _Hate_ nikos can check that in the logs if needed. @nikos32
  7. can you stop make drama all day like a lil baby ??? if we gonna have enougth ppl for clan war we will come .. what a baby.
  8. i never gave you fr +1 and the other rof is yours u deserve it so no
  9. if your clan want those rofs i got - your clan leader can talk to me - you are aight nothing on that clan - if you want back my rof then FnL or NotSoBad should talk with me. and ill gladly give it back.
  10. your clannies are good ppl. i was only talked about this guy.
  11. i never added him to my party . hes running beside us - what u want me to tell him to go out of cz ? would be nice if check this with me before telling that,
  12. you can keep talk like a retard as you are people know the truth i dont need any proofs - + why do i need a proof ? im not trying to ban them - just to make them look bad as iam allowed to do it ! there is no such rule im not allowed to do it. now shut your big hole !
  13. CRY ME A RIVERRRRRR CRY ME A RIVER - what happend to Hate ?? why he left your clan ? u were protecting him so bad - you are such a loser. and a cry baby.
  14. why do i need screenshot ? bro a whole clan saw u do it - and u just admit it that u took it - screen shot for what ?? im not trying to ban you - just to make u feel ashamed!!
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