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  1. Welcome to the Orc side - most of rememberMe clan are lureres AFK'rs(MargeSimpson) and trade spammers
  2. Selling: Hell Breaker+7 CHD+6 Buying: Iron Necklace
  3. too bad bro, thats why i have trust issues with people on this game in general..
  4. Buying Iron Necklace Buying Raptor +8 Selling Hell Breaker +7 + ill add as much GB it needed to it thanks alot.
  5. everything is too Op... Talia is the way for mages to survive... try to suggest other idea ... mybe disable talia for sins and warrs but not totaly disable it.
  6. mybe u wanna remove the whole aspect of the game ????? no do not remove talia !!!!
  7. dont call me stupid ... i can learn you how to play a warrior lil cry baby. cry here ->\___/
  8. how is that proves something ? just a pic of you getting dmg from him... next time upload a video clip that show the proof
  9. Hello, players are barley register to FT, ft coupon worth almost nothing mybe change the reward .. ? thanks in advance.
  10. דבר איתי בפרטי אח - אנסה לעזור לך נראה שיש לך איזה תוכנה או משהו שרץ ברקע והמשחק מזהה את זה כצ'יט
  11. it hard to login yes, but it works.. you just need to try 3 times - if its not working - close your client and try again - untill u will be manage to login.
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