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  1. דבר איתי בפרטי אח - אנסה לעזור לך נראה שיש לך איזה תוכנה או משהו שרץ ברקע והמשחק מזהה את זה כצ'יט
  2. it hard to login yes, but it works.. you just need to try 3 times - if its not working - close your client and try again - untill u will be manage to login.
  3. do you realize that your lies you saying about me dont interesting someone ?? cuz all of the clans that you mention herei have good relations with them ill just ignore you from now on cuz im not a lil kid like you - keep flame me - i have my good name going on - good luck with the shaming
  4. i have the right to say anything i want. + i didnt got involved in your issue. only replied to booo who said lies about me but he can keep talk and talk that the best he knows to do here on that community. and im very happy u wont get shit from it. LEARN HOW TO BE IN A PROPER CLAN.
  5. emm, never said they were noobs trash talk? got any proofs?, just said they never come on discord + @SinisterWar knew about it and i told him before i left, and after things got improved i came back. and that also non of your business which clan im going to you are also a drama maker. plus watch your mouth "fuck off sculpy" i never talked like that to you. @nikos32 i think the rules on the server should count on the forums as well its not nice hes talking to me like that. @Ragnar stop pushing your big nous to stuff that are non of your business .
  6. and why is that matter to you ?
  7. thats why its smart to Seal your items.. that way u cant npc them.. i hope you will get help for that gl
  8. So many idiots drama makers in this server ffs. it just proof you never played on a thing called CLAN and when there is more then 2 ppl in party, and 1 of the clannies got the drop it means it clan DROP, means u have to give it to the clan to help the clan, it will help you as well when your turn will arrive ! you dont agree with it that ?? dont play on a damn clan !
  9. i suggest something that is familiar to that .. but same stats as red chitins with the defense of the shells .. not the real krowaz tho.. so it wont be broken.
  10. i think now shells are pretty useless an upgrade for the shells will be great mybe add krowaz armor ? or red shells basically same as red chitin but shells
  11. Voted yes! cant see any reason why to keep them as "personal" its not like the ultra super item in the game.
  12. i wonder who are the 1's that told you to do it .. cuz when i asked everyone, most of the ppl said not to sell, guess ppl are telling different stories, anyways its not my business, just gave my opinion about it,
  13. Selling this CS is a stupid idea from the beginning, look how much drama that made.. would be better that you kept it to yourself.
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