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  1. you guys have to decide what to do - because ive heard once that nikos said its ok to bug the gates when there is no CSW running ... so make a clear rules about it.
  2. i dont see any problems with this... if u see isi on Delos just kill it.. also dont get it .. u guys love to pk so why it matter that ppl gear themselves ? just let them have it ..
  3. well obvious hes cheating.. u can see hes attacking your while he get the heal ...
  4. you actually spent a whole clip on blood ?? gee thanks i feel so special
  5. waste of time talking to that kid. i wonder what happend when he goes afk on them
  6. dude, use shadow play, or other recording programs those SS's dosent prove anything..
  7. im agree with you - its going to be all about skills - we do looking forward to make some fights togther !<3
  8. + you guys are geared way more then us - we try to prefect our skills but sometimes its hard when u fight against 3 priest party and very strong melee's thats why some of my clannies are getting mad and leave cz .. cuz they dont have fun and i can understand that .. we do try our best to gear ourself to match u guys
  9. we are in the same timezone bro but we have ppl from american and Australia and Asia so most of the time we are like party that lacking priest and mages
  10. you have to understand that we have like people in the clan all over the world .. so thats why u see diff people on diff timezone - we also cant make that all of our players will be on on the same time
  11. mybe you didnt read it right - but we didnt talked about your clan - we talked about ALLSTARS - u should stay humans..
  12. we already saw how much you guys are "caring" for the server - so why even replay here ? continue do what you guys always do and eventually u will find yourself playing alone on empty server.
  13. totally agree bro ! its time to stop with the bs and start to care about this server best server i ever played on !
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