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  1. im agreeing with you thats not the right place to talk about it - but calling our posts useless ?? try to be a lil bit more respective to people buddy, thats not a way to reply to such conversations. specially if you are a GM.
  2. true, i understand what you said bro, but we are not the 1's that killed the pk - the opposite is right, i was playing with both sides so i have a very good perspective of blood and GamblerS, and i can tell you, if a clan leader of a clan im playing on with, will allways show the clan members "oh we cant do shit against them" "they are too strong" "they are too organized" how do you expect your clan to have faith ? if your own clan leader is turning you down ??? im sorry bro i dont think we are the side that makes drama or cry, we are just trying to have fun ! thats it ! you know it, everytime we pk against eachother dosent metter what was the result (you win, we win) i told you "thanks for coming to pk, it was very fun!" im trying to treat everyone with respect ! and not to make drama or cry about something.
  3. i really dont need to say anything, you just admit u guys give 0 shit about the server cuz, if your main goal is to make gamblers quit then good you succeed but on the way you guys just killed the server as the 1 of the biggest clan should help to keep it alive - like me, Huckle, Leeroy tried to do when we helped all of the clans killing felankors including yours, so how im crying ? how im immature? when i try with my will to help the server to stay alive, to motivate all the clans to get good items, right now u just admit you are the cry baby, you are the immature, im happy you left the server, you are a shit player and a bad leader and a server ruiner. have fun.
  4. lol, you should talk to your clan leaders that told everyone in your clan to not come on cz when GamblerS are on ... and after all of the drama they made - they left the server, i can tell you 100% GamblerS only wanted to pk, not to make any drama just to have some fun ...
  5. Now cuz of gamblers server is dead ? check the online list... gamblers are barley on in the pass last week - i still cant see u much in cz .. + i allready offered a solution for your problem in CSW - Siege weapons ... if u know how t use them right - u can beat any clan... i didnt saw any clan that quitted the server cuz of gamblers - name 1
  6. what benefit gamblers ? explain yourself please ? an isilioon that gives gold bars 98% of the times??? that event is all about fight for the castle or just pk earning some national point, now for real you guys only look to win sometimes you need to lose and accept the fact your opponent is stronger then you learn how to encounter him, really most of the players want this server to be alive, closing events that wont benefit the server...
  7. What items really ?! since i joined there isi dorps nothing but Gold bars. we keep that castle for competition .. try to find another excuse to come and have some fun pk. even some of your clannies think the same.
  8. 1. Agree with the bosses in eslant - they should get higher rates.. thats the only way small clans and new players can gear themselfs.. 2.GM's should be a bit more active to make some Kill the GM event or find the GM event or sth - agree with that aswell
  9. Hello nikos, Since only GamblerS coming to CSW i think would be smart to add an event for it so mybe more ppl will come. mybe a collection race or somthing else so motivate ppl to come to the event u guys can vote i think mybe consider add the Siege weapons aswell. best of luck to everyone!
  10. cuz i love nikos managment. rest of the other servers are shit for me .. so ill stay here and even after a server restart or a miracle
  11. this video is just for fun ofc !!! respect to both clans! have fun guys
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