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  1. Sculpy

    Good bye.

    my partner by all means, you are my best buddy !! and we will keep in touch !!! ❤️ i wish i had more friends like you that will tell me the truth about anything ! good or bad wish you the best luck and fun in the other shit you do
  2. everytime we killed it in town box was bugged.. tested it several times.
  3. the GM's need to do something with that guy, hes harassing everyone, and he got muted like 3 times allready ... isnt he suppose to get perma ban allready ?
  4. you need to play with huckle is like running priest but defently geek is the best for orc side
  5. El Morad: Mage- none. Warrior- k3bab Priest support- Myrella. BP- shadows. Archer- Spitfire. Sin- HuckleberryFinn. Karus: Mage- Hate Warrior- BIG_HUNTER Priest support- NotSoBad BP- MaDxQ Archer- are there archers in orc side ? Sin- Geek.
  6. Sculpy

    Luer boss

    i dont see where that topic is going really... but i cant blame any side sometimes orcs are more and sometimes humans are more - cant help it and u cannot blame anyone... about that thing u calling bug - i also think its a bug and it shouldnt allowed but nikos allready knows about it, and he didnt said this isnt allowed yet again - im not agreeing with it dont get me wrong.. lets try keep play and leave those forums ...
  7. Good luck guys !
  8. Hello everyone, as the title said we recruiting players to clan - mainly Priests and assassins english speaker try to pm me ingame Sculpy cheers
  9. People do mistakes sometimes its natural and we are humans ... dont fill that topic with useless comments guys
  10. seems like a useless topic like some of them making - i guess to be ignored as usual ... let them have fun guess they are enjoying it.
  11. emm what did i abuse ? can you explain yourself please? just to make thing straight im not a gm anymore - but did i do anything bad as a GM ? cuz your picture dosent show anything wrong.. oh btw cry here fill the bucket -----> \__/
  12. Wtf do you guys want from me about the blinking thing? last time that i checked there is an admin that he decide the things not me. clearly you seems to be blind i guess iam not the 1 who started this conversion this was 1 of your clannie you guys won anyways, good for you server had peaceful time untill 1 of your clannie start to cry about it here why we cant just play and leave those forums ? im not the 1 to blame here , you forgot what happend when u guys left right ? you wanna keep insulting and talk like that good for it, this is the last reply im gonna put in here btw im playing this game from 2003 and started playing on ares when it first released, atleast have some respect.
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