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  1. u fukin killing me laughing guys ! Keep it on its funny to be honest
  2. Best of luck kanky's
  3. i think its a good idea bro . that will hight the pk rate i think that is my opinion lets see the rest of the knights .
  4. Selling List 1- 1x Light Rof 2- 1x Glacier rof 3- 2x Howling roster +1 ( S O L D ) 4 - 2x BDW light ( S O L D ) 5 - CHD + 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buying List 1- FIRE ROFS 2- WAR Shells +8 Set ( STR / HP ) Both 3 - Rouge shells Set +8 ( Dex Only ) PME here or ig BlackPearL; - SexySpeedyZ;
  5. well im with ya guys that is annoying and unacceptable that really hurts us as muslims so hope u ban or make him change hes name this is unacceptable as mouslim for me that one who made that name must respect us like we respect any other religin. ty
  6. Selling List 2x Flame Rings +1 SOLD 2x Mino Earring +0 Buying List Sherion + 7 CHD +7 Iron Belt Glass Belt PME here or in game : BlackPearL;
  7. B< HB + 7 pme me in here or game name in game: BlackPearL;
  8. My opinion there is no reason to ban .. undo it that is unfair..
  9. hey there i got nominated as king and i cant find my self in the list Clan: RememberMe Name in game : BlackPearL; Leader who nominated me :ComeBack and i cant found my name at list please solve that
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