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  1. nope mate that was long time ago but nvm cuz i just refused hes offer he insulted me
  2. well all of this cuz i refused hes offer lol insulting and insulting !! https://ibb.co/b6G65Ns
  3. no mate server going to be insane like that i think u must just high the drop rate of isiloon and the rest of boss like more 5% or some thing will be cool thats my opinion and we see the rest . Ty
  4. well looks cool mate ty for listening ❤️
  5. dude drop rate is so bad for real and Frags rate exchange suck 2 i had exchanged 66 frags 0 uniques most of them was BUS and enchat scrolls lol do some thing about isiloon also many times drop is bugged wont open and Eslan Boss like SQ i killed like 200 SQ since i start this server coins always - Talos we had killed alot and never drop any thing its a praivet server man not main usko lol.. Gem's also rate is so bad u must do some thing about that Nikos..
  6. ye Egos is hard with aoe farm now its visaul bug hit 2 far and slow bugg need to fix this please
  7. Hey there. there is some one selling macro for items at cz https://ibb.co/4sPxSzB
  8. Buying List 1 - Flame rings 2 - Hell Breaker + 7 3 - Warrior Red chitins + 7 Selling List Self name + 7 PME in game name in game : SexySpeedyZ
  9. dont say there is a share then if u wont
  10. its a robbery when u ur leader said there is a share for players and after he didnt give any one
  11. +1 mate yeh hes is like that
  12. well im not going to waste my time the whole server knows that ur clannie is robbers so dont ask for help with boss again if u not going to share the other players with drops.. cya
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