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  1. This is not following people. Yesterday night i was looking for Cavalries and you said this. Is that the only You who can farm Cavalries? Of course i can do whatever i want. If this disturbs you it is not my problem. Basicly, you can go fuck yourself. Treathening about offensive language ınstead of apologizes? Niceeeeeeee
  2. Hello @nikos32 , @Gm_Ares , @GM_Thanos I'm really tired of this guy's offensive language. Here is his toxic language. https://ibb.co/pjHhtSY
  3. If you couldnt manage to kill it with 5 people, this show you dont know. 2 weeks ago 3 bp, 1 archer and 5 drainers, we could kill it. Also, Reducing HP wont help you in this situation. You cant kill the recent one with 5 people LoL. Reducing restoring HP would help you in a better way than Reducing HP. You want something can be useful, but you dont know how will you ask 😄
  4. You are not a bad guy actually. What you all did was for your clan and clannies. Even if there are some bastards, you had to do whatever was required. Most of all did the same, do not worry. The post that you did can be done only honoured people. As we are Gamblers/Redemption and now Legends, thank you too.
  5. Gigadan önce kol alman lazım kardeş.
  6. You and Sculpy = ❤️ ❤️
  7. Biz burada +40 derece yaniyürük sen bize staff çok soğuk diyon amünüyüm.
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