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  1. Out of sinister's topic and about GM's response. Of course he has his opinion as a person. But he has the previlege to be a GM around. Thats not a serious response of a game master who seem willing to improve activity around. Even if im kinda inactive last months i dont even see him around trying his best to improve that. You and some of your clannies did way more to keep the server alive.
  2. Yoyo , I think sinister can have another chance on this server. Did all his best and gave so much effort to help many players since he was leader one of the biggest clan by day 1 of the server. I assume that players like him could help the server ever more. Would be glad to see him back around!
  3. guess those who voted NO, have already iron set dual rofs and 500 gbs spare
  4. Trade hb +7 for dual shios +1 Leave a msg here or pm PAOK in game
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