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  1. ye sure buddy that a big fat lie over there and i am pretty sure you covering for him :] @nikos32 you gotta check realnigga he is cheating big time
  2. @nikos32 Ragnar is very disrespectful telling people lies and insulting them this should never be tolerated
  3. ye and you always run away from vs so good one mr ( best sin in server ) #KeepRunning
  4. do not make foverin 30 poison damage it will break the game balance!!!
  5. ye i did vs him too btw i couldn't reduce his hp to 50% he is cheating 100%
  6. this guy running the game like 10 times and naming his characters ( baba1 to baba10 ) and camping eslant all day
  7. he used arrow shower on him while he is on top could be cheating or visual bug
  8. ye i agree the stun rate are too high it need to be fixed back to the original one
  9. HerryHere is one of the rogues who uses dd helm in vs 😂😂😂😂
  10. ye we all know it's legit to sell pus items for gbs but this guy selling gbs for usd $$$
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