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  1. Adding CS drop to Lesath would be a good idea. But also it should be very very rare drop. It s a boss practically anyone running in CZ can solo easy.
  2. This is not addressed to you but everyone. why is everyone so butthurt here? Do you tell your mommy in real life someone says a bad word to you? This is ridiculous
  3. Buying priest red chitins +7 helmet, pads, pauld and gloves PM in-game Raato or drop me a message here
  4. So this community wants to kill in-game features one by one? My opinion is dont do anything regarding to this.
  5. Yesterday night he was semi AFK again. Didnt even see him before the 2nd room.
  6. Your pictures prove that someone mentioned the name Genesis. Let me go take a real quick SS of someone mentioning your name and I´ll report you for wasting everyones time.
  7. I just "mastered" this same combo with 2 minute practise..
  8. oh my freaking god, are you playing this game for the first time? Have you ever heard of combo?? This is ridulous, its like playing in kindergarten again where everyone cries about anything. I can teach you how to combo too, just drop me a PM.
  9. Why are you even posting this? Is everyone on this server 10 years old or what? If you get upset by that maybe you should stay off the internet.
  10. and? Its normal to hit 3-4 times between hp pots. I remember hitting 5 times between hp pots was a really good combo.
  11. That shit is happening to everyone in CZ. If I report everyone who hits from far away I would be making reports all day long, its just a visual bug. And macro has nothing to do with attack distance. This server is full of salty players.
  12. That is not a solution the drops will always just go to the same clans. There is not enough people on CZ to make it interesting for more than 2 hours a day. So many players have already left and not many new ones coming in. The ones that are coming are trying to farm and atm few sins on both sides just hunt those people with no gear at all, eventually making them quit too out of frustration. I would recommend to make it easier to upgrade items but decrease the drop rate. Its frustrating to go to anvil with 30 items when you cant make even one +7. This way when you farm you will be able to make a better gear for yourself and eventually you can go PK.
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