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  1. another gm that abuses his power, nothing extraordinary in profko
  2. ahahahahaha lan çok komik adamsın hollandalı @AclassDUTCH. bir adam kendini bu kadar ucuz eleverebilirdi
  3. cüzi fiyatlara asas öğretilir, iletişim bilgilerini almak için mesaj atabilirsiniz
  4. big_hunter kardeşim meşazını aldım. All these problems should have been covered and tested properly before the server launch, atleast that's what I'd have expected. Bring the professionalism niko, likewise the name of the server.
  5. Yes. It's quite funny how some people are desperate on saying no, especially the ones that already left/quit the server. For those who are still playing; take a screenshot of your chars and you will look back at it when you miss it.
  6. just incase, keep in mind that some of those "no"s are coming from same players.
  7. bidahaki postta ayrıca kürtce tercüme istiyoruz @lNihilist
  8. people keep talking about his skillbar... whats the matter with it? it looks fine lol
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