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  1. warden bakmisken benim de bi 100gb olacakti oralarda 😂
  2. DV already has -HP bonus. Applying it to CHD and Stone Splitter will be reasonable, hence you will keep the origins.
  3. btw, same thing happens in MS, just incase if you are preparing it for the CZM only.
  4. I guess you already got my response on this, but yeah archers were not able to hit old CZM monument properly either
  5. Assuming the server's current situation, it is absolutely doable.
  6. geek

    Mr is recruiting

    me no hablo englando hermano, can i join?
  7. assuming the difficulty of farming brimstone ore/ingot, maybe it would be good to exchange ebony ore/ingot into brimstone ore/ingot, or vice-versa obviously.
  8. well, the bracket that I will be mentioning below should be separated. it will be helpful for current users. 40th wave - Dark Mares 41st wave - Dread Mare 42nd wave - Beast 43rd wave - Falcon 44th wave - Fallen Angel 45th wave - Manticore
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