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  1. If you are openning a topic in a forum, ofcourse, people have right to say their opinion under that title. @Binweezy as I mentioned earlier, clan rules were not given to us or neither decided when we joined there as a group. Infact, when the rules were made (after that IB drop) it was my second week in the clan. You can see those rules if you are a "loot council member" in Blood clan's discord. You can see the date when the thing was posted. If I was still a member there I could have post the screenshot overhere, but unfortunately.
  2. I am not twisting things around. I am actually telling the truths which you do not like I believe. Oh you are accusing me of lying and now you are doing that edit? Come on man. "clan drop and rules since the start of Blood", I even saw the rules you have created on discord after 2 weeks (after that Iron Belt that Pasghet and HELLBROTH dropped), I have joined to the clan. Perfect lies.
  3. Let me try to express myself again; 1) If SinisterWar passed the Glass Belt to the Pasghet by his own will, even before the clan rules, it means, that Glass Belt was actually Pasghet's which he did not have to give back. Yet he did. Again, I am trying to show our goodwills. And this goes for rest of the items that we have given to Blood. 2) Members in BadFamily clan spent around 1 month there. And again, Pasghet and HELLBROTH dropped that Iron Belt as duo as you've said, which is actually not a clan drop if they have killed it by theirselves. YET, they have been forced to make it a clan drop by some of the "loot council" members and after that fight you guys decided to make "duo" drops as a clan drop too. Just to be clear, iron belt has been dropped and you've made that "duo drop rule" afterwards. Remember how HELLBROTH got bullied at discord. If I was able to post the screenshots downhere I could, but I am not a member on your discord anymore. 3) Not every Blood clan member thinks the same as you think. Some of them think that the right way is to give our legitimate share from Blood clan. 4) If we were going to scam you, we would not have given that Glass Belt or rest of the items to the Blood clan. We are doing what is right, you are being greedy.
  4. Well firstly, I am wondering what would have happened if, everybody except Vindictive and SinisterWar left the clan? Were they getting every single drop to themselves and rejecting everybody's right on those drops? Secondly, if this issue is going to be solved as you want, Pasghet and HELLBROTH dropped an Iron Belt as duo at eslant and passed it to a clannie. It was their own drop which they did not have to give it to a clannie and leave. So, they decided to help to the clan and pass it to a clannie. That iron belt is their right, and they did not even mention that iron belt before leaving because we thought that we made the deal as we were saving Glass Belt for ourselves. Ofcourse some of Blood member will not ever mention that here rather let everybody know in the game that we are scammers. And I would like to let everyone know that, we, as Bad Family, have given a glass belt and some other items to Blood which, again, we did not even have to. If we were decided to scam items, we wouldn't have given those item to you. Because as Blood clan knows, when we got that items on that time, there was not even a rule existed.
  5. Hi Apple, These can give you some idea how to farm like he does; Chars from South Africa, which are almost online 7/24: Some of them staying at Luferson, (there are some at EMC too): And some of them selling things at Moradon: There you go, "multiclient"ing is not forbidden. If you have couple of computers, even better farm. GL!
  6. people keep talking about his skillbar... whats the matter with it? it looks fine lol
  7. i think he has got enough brain to not script/macro/tbl ,or whatever that is, infront of nikos?
  8. I should not be the only one thinking that he is an actual cheater? He was just about to lose a VS to an ungeared guy in CZ, he ran away from that VS and I killed him while he was trying to run. He relogged and pm'ed me to VS him with a mean language, and he managed to kill me sooo damn suspiciously. I wanted second VS to take a record but he did not want second one. If you think I am a noob sin, you can try a VS with me, just pm Geek ingame. I heard that he's been reported by many people and checked couple of times by GMs but, come on man. Deleting/downloading one cheat file should not be so hard.
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