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  1. it happens when you hit with a sin. but as i said, the dodging frequency might not be the same with priest but almost the same. but yeah, sin r dmg dodges too. @nikos32
  2. nah it happens for sins. if you tried priest on that image, almost exact frequency happens with the sin. @nikos32
  3. everyone sides with me because it is pretty obvious that I am right here. he cannot abuse his powers just to take his brother's revenge. its bullshit. he could have warned/banned me from forum due to the actions that I have done in the forum and that was going to be alright. And Majesty did that too, he warned as I had an argument at forum chat box. However, Relvie, banned me ingame by abusing his power on purpose. If this happened once, there is a chance that it would happen twice. he should have understood what it takes to be a GM. there is nothing to be rewarded.
  4. be a man of your word and leave the server, would you?
  5. ugur cek pis ellerini sn 8imin üzerinden artık
  6. show me the rule which says if anybody uses inappropriate word in forum, gets ban ingame. and double strike for swearing twice at the SAME convo? and donhuan is not banned for his inappropriate way of talking? (which i don't want him to get him banned). show me that rule? because it was not like this never. you are trying really hard to backup your little whiny brother but its not gonna work. you are just stepping on your own toe.
  7. be a man of your age and unban me already. you know you are wrong
  8. that guy infused into my veins man. i got defected from him
  9. so why do you spit like a lama if your case is not about me or sinister? go cry somewhere else
  10. 1. who are you? 2. I would like to shoot you a live video of mine proving that I am not using any macro. 3. I did not leave the game and I was not naked. 4. why do you think I paid cash for em? lol 5. you are fully wrong with your accusations and you look pretty ignorant with that attitude
  11. and what do you say about this whole drama? @nikos32
  12. Hi @SinisterWar ! As you've wanted, here is your report girl, before you go to your fun server. 🥰 @Majesty @nikos32 @Observer
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