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  1. The way the Macro works is, it just presses a series of keys repeatedly, So if I bought up another window, it would stop using skills on KO and use them on what ever window or program was running, therefore his Knight Online Window had to be Active, IF his window was inactive then he would not have been using any macros thus not breaking any rules at that moment. I am requesting that you please Unban the character I would very much appreciate it. The choice and all following consequences and repercussions are entirely up to you. Have a good day.
  2. Any help would be appreciated here gentlemen.
  3. Can you explain the difference? because all I have is the factory macros that came with my mouse and keyboard.
  4. I was playing on my sons Character and on my mouse I have Key binds and macros. and the character was permanently banned, wondering why, when the rule states that 1st and 2nd strike are Jail, and 3rd strike is a PermaBan. I think there might have been a oversight or mistake on your part.. Thank you.
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