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  1. Selling Iron Neck, Iron Belt, Priest chitin set +8 pm ingame
  2. I feel like the 5k hp reduce was a little too drastic.. Could have reduced it to 7k or 8k, could be a lot better in my opinion.
  3. What a wonderful one sided conversation Big_hunter was never great at sharing his emotions
  4. This will probably last another year, hopefully it won't. but I dont see COVID leaving us for at least another year.
  5. So I dont understand, you just admitted u used macro? Cos as far as I know, macro is currently illegal for PK and Farming...
  6. Just use your fingers you lazy mofos !
  7. +1 on that! All of todays technology, macros, pedals and stuff doesn't indicate any sort of skill which simply ruins the fun and competitivness of the game. So I definetly agree with my fellow OldSchool lover Nikos <3!
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