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  1. Server wipe would be amazing thats for sure. every time prof ko relaunches there are tons of players coming. its truly the best private server ive ever played in.
  2. B> Hell Breaker +7 / 2x Mino +1 / Warrior shell +8 or valks +6/7 Pm me here or ingame: HuckleberryFinn
  3. Best update so far! really gives everyone lots of reasons to PK which I loveeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. I was bored so I made a short PK video with a few nice clips. have fun
  5. The "HELL NAH" is just me to be honest. even if I had shit gear I wouldn't farm, im just too lazy for it. There are plenty of farmers that u can farm with. but I do agree something must be done about beginners. it takes a long time for new players to become competitive in CZ which sux.
  6. Farm? Hellllllll naaaaaaaaahhhhh I hate farming but I think senior antoine may be right.
  7. Hello ProfessionalKO Buddies, I hope I'm not shooting myself in the leg with this but I have prepared a small tutorial in order to help people who are interested in improving their assassin skills or those who wanna start practicing but are not sure how to start. I'm also trying to work on a tutorial that shows how you can improve your PK skills as well, but it's a little harder to make because I need actual PK clips and examples which can take some time to achieve. but if there will be a demand, I will gladly speed the process Hope this will be helpful if something is unclear, feel free to ask. P.S Sorry about my ugly fingernails, I love eating them
  8. I also agree with mindkrash. 1) Boost the way for beginners to start being able to PK or get close to it. Starting with straight lvl 72, don't let people waste time on lvling in this late period of the game. Boost the beginner items, starting with Wings of baba or an improved wings of PK etc. 2) Make PK more rewarding: Perhaps an NP reward system where u can buy staff for Monthly NPs, or a random gem/fragment for every 3 individual kills etc. pretty sure there are a lot of ways we can think of. Move all the farm spots to bowl or the outskirts of bowl. I see that the server has very good PK when CR is on. Why not make it CR like on a daily basis and boost the CR event reward even further? 3) Boost the BDW rewards and make monuments hp higher so it doesn't end so fast. Cancel FT or boost the reward dramatically - its the most boring and stupid event that ever existed in KO. even if you pay me I wont get inside FT (had to say it). Got nothing else on my mind atm but this is what I would start with.
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