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  1. Worship you? For what exactly? Using hack tools and be proud of yourself about defeating sins in a vs? You actually had me confused there. For a while I thought you are legit and a gg assasin, apperantley you are nothing but a cheat abuser. Well, at least now we all know the truth, and we have a good explanation to all those fishy vs's with you.
  2. Whats up with people and items in this server? It looks like so many past clans in this server were trying to enslave their members so hard that it finallly exploded in their faces. Blood were stupid enough to believe all the items in the clan are theirs and if some1 decided to leave the clan, all the items he obtained should be returned back. That's a foolish, greedy, and selfish act! it only makes your clannies feel like minions and slaves, nothing more. Now Ngn's topic is making gamblers look just as bad as Blood. Get it out of your system guys! If a clan decided to give a certain item to a player, it's because he earned it at that certain point in time. in other words, he earned it fair and square. He fulfilled his role as a player in the clan, proving he is a good person, helpful, caring or whatever it is, and so he deserves to keep that item for himself. He is not borrowing the item, he earned it, its his item from now on. Whether he quits the clan or stays, that's his decision. We are all human beings, free to do whatever we like. Items shouldn't bind us to a certain clan. that's just not how things should work. If you dont trust a single clannie, or you dont think he deserves to get any item in the first place, just dont give him one. But if you decide to give him an item, it belongs to him and not the clan anymore. Yes, it's that simple. Look at TheReal/High Landers, do you have any idea how many valueable items were given away to clannies in the past few months? You can take a look in the panel for yourself. Any member from our clan is safe to do whatever he wants, if he wishes to leave then so be it, its his choice and we will respect that. Sculpy and High Lander's leaders never demanded and will never demand items returned to the the clan from leaving members, because they earned it. Some of Hate's clan members came from the TheReal and received most of their gear from it. You don't see us reaching to them and asking for the items back, even when sometimes differences and arguements ocurr, asking their items back is just not an option, because it's no longer the clan's items and so it's no longer our right to ask for it back. Anyway, What Sculpy is trying to say in this post, is that these players are not trustworthy anymore, their actions prove it. You can do whatever you want with that information. Enough with the Drama, Play and let play.
  3. You are 100% right, and im absolutely shocked this topic was even created.
  4. Best king in the server so far! Great guy overall with good intentions, and the fact he destribues his own items says it all.
  5. You can't fool nikos, everything is written in the logs bud. No matter how much you deny, this isnt a hard thing to validate, and nikos did. The truth came to light, and you two should be ashamed.
  6. @TerminatoR Busted ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️ You cannot escape justice! Good riddance TerminatoR, I hope next time you cheat, do it smarter.
  7. Not only a cheater, but a shameless, racist, childish, and bullshit talking human-being 😂
  8. LETS BREAK THIS DOWN NICE AND EASY ! @nikos32 Im guessing you already know these things but pat attention anyway There is no "Secret Ingredient" to be the best assasin, its all about combo and lots and lots of practice. And like Omri said, there is a certain level you reach as a skilled assasin player where you can identify any one u vs if he hes using some sort of tool that helps him get the edge over you. Our good old racist DominatoR here claims he wins every1 because he has a "Secret Method" that no1 knows(HAHAHAHAHA)! Let me tell all you guys who werent playing or vsing as assasins, there is no "secret method" to winning vs's and any good assasin knows that, the only "method" is practice on mana control and skill timing usage and the thing that defines a great assasin from an average one is Consistency! of course there are other factors like internet connections, strong PC etc etc, but cmon guys this is 2020 and were playing a very old game its barely making any difference 😂 There is a certain ceiling to any pro assasin player, this aint no Dragon Ball where you can surpass your limits and ascent above every1 else 😂 🤣 Take 2 very good assasin players and let them vs, the vs will come down to who failed first or who failed more, and will probably result in both assasins having very very low mana and very very low HP at the end of it. It's entirely different when it comes to DominatoR, he seems to have endless mana as u can see in the video, becasue his HP bar is skyrocketing at the end of the VS and is also behaving very strangely all along the VS with weird HP Bar ups and downs. you know he could actually claim hes using a duration scroll which is something not every1 thinks about and it gives any assasin an insane advantage against any other who dont use it, but wait! DominatoR doesnt even use Magic Shield! so we can definetly rule this out 😂 Not to mention the fact that TheDominatoR is using Wings of Baba, FT Necklace +0, 2x HRs +0, 2x Selfnames +7 and 2x Flame Rings +0 which is an INSANE difference from Syntex(the assasin hes vsing) which is using Wings of God, Iron Necklace, 2x CHD +7, 2x HRs +1, 2x ROF Ice!!!!!!! do you even realize the item difference these guys have?!?! Just so you realize how insane the item difference is - bring the best legit assasin in the world right now and let him vs Syntex using the TheDominator's account, I can 200% say hes going to lose because its not a matter of skill anymore, the item difference is just too big for individual skills to make a real difference. it might be a close vs and not an easy one for Syntex, but he will eventually win for sure. It's important to mention Syntex is a very good assasin when it comes to VS and I can guarantee that. The results of all my latest vs's with Syntex resulted in me winning with barely 10% HP and no MP at all and there were times he won me as well, although he has a slightly slightly better gear, it doesnt really matter because the difference is not that great for individual skill not to matter. It was important for me to write down all these things because it's hard for people who doesn't play assasins to truly realize whats going on when it comes to the assasin VSing world, hopefully this would shed some light on every1 who even suspected DominatoR is legit. BTW, TheDominatoR is not the classic cheater you see every day, he knows how to act in order for people to not suspect him and he knows to hide his cheats very well. Since he is an eternal Babashopper and money doesn't seem to be an issue for him(he also admits that), cheating isn't really a huge risk for him because he can always Babashop in another server so keep that in mind as well. I hope nikos will warn/ban him because if not, this is truly outrageous!
  9. Hello @nikos32 It was peacefull and quiet until the 2 names im gonna mention here arrived and ruined the fairness of the server by their ugly cheating nature: 1) TheDominatoR 2) 4Benyamin Back in the days when dominator was terminator etc, nikos checked him and approved he was using some sort of razer mouse macro. nikos claimed he stopped using it ever since, so he let it slip. @nikos32 do not let it slip this time bcos its outrageous! This guy's gear is so bad he shouldnt be able to compete with an average sin, and yet in the video im about to show you he seems to smoke Syntex which is the 2nd best assasin(Guaranteed!) in the server right now(Syntex gets me on a fair vs with same items to 10% hp). Ban TheDominatoR for good, this server was pretty clean of cheaters until he and his mirror Benyamin showed up. 4Benyamin is just as suspicious as TheDominatoR, they both have trash items but they seem to be owning a fully geared skilled assasins with ease(not possible by the way, even if they were skilled, you cant beat another skilled assasin with bad gear, its just not working like that). Not to mention Benyamin was already caught cheating by nikos and received his 1st strike, I thought after he got warned he would stop using it, but apperantely he keeps on using. Now its important to mention, I am not a guy who reports anyone unless he's 200% sure right! and I can safely say - 100% cheats are involved. I am 1000% positive, that if you will run checks on those guys, you will thank me. FYI, its important to mention that in the vs you are about to see with Dominator, he didnt even use Magic Shield, which is a MUST USE skill in a VS because it greatly reduces the damage taken from elemental hits. It doesnt seem to affect TheDominatoR at all, who needs magic shield when you are a cheater? If you look closely at the end of the VS, his HP goes up super fast, which means he had tons of MP left which makes absolutely 0 sense. If thats not bannable nikos, I dunno what is. and if you ask me, there is much more than a razer macro to this guy.
  10. 😂 I'm laughing my ass off! I acutally got stuck in that wall and I was struggling so hard to get out.. eventually I had to town.. @nikos32 I dunno how I got stuck there but you should check it. And Vindictive, you seriously chose the perfect person to claim he's bug abusing I am the most legit player you can find...
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