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  1. I believe the other big thing you guys should work on to make CZ a lot more croweded is going for NP Reward System with very good rewards. This will motivate new and old players to become even more active in CZ, because as for now, NPs have no actuall meaning. I'm talking about rewards like Iron neck, belt, CS, glass belt etc. @nikos32
  2. I believe once people get tired of xxxxx, which will happen soon enough. they will all come crawling back to Prof-KO... But that doesn't mean Prof-KO doesn't need to do any changes... on the contrary, there are many steps that must be taken in order to attract newcomers to the server. Vindictive had some really nice points I can agree with.
  3. This server has a very good PK in latin time-zone. EU time zone there is still pk here and there, but still kind of a struggle. I trust nikos and the GM team to lift this situation.
  4. We believe nikos will perform some sort of a miracle
  5. Selling: Shio Tears +1 Buying: Chitin Shield +0 Glacier Erenion +7 Oasis Staff +7 Mage Red Set +7 Mage Black Paul/Pads/Boots +7 LKP's +0/1
  6. As title says... dunno about u guys but this looks like a good old NPT to me. https://imgur.com/a/rt1PZT3
  7. @nikos32 Buddy are u sure cs coupons were implemented on Lesaths? Cos no1 got a single coupon.. either it needs a serious boost, or you guys simply forgot to apply it.
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