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  1. Bro what the hell are you talking about? He already has a strike for cheating
  2. Herry trust me bro, im the less dramatic guy youll ever know. The reason I keep posting sh1t about this guy has nothing to do with you, your clan or drama at all. If a guy that acts like a 12 year old, keeps swearing and shouting all around cz, not to mention the fact that hes a cheater that already received a strike about(I hate cheaters) it, hes not gonna get away with it that easy. The fact that you, who has nothing to do with the situation, involve yourself in it, hints that maybe u r the one searching for drama herry(meaning no offense). Anyway, my suggestion herry, check the legitimacy of your clan mate before you protect him(I still love you tho). Peace ❤️
  3. Update regarding RealNiggaRollCall. For some reason he decided he wants to taunt me, telling me to come vs him and he will pwn me with 1 dagger. Made me come to the arena and vs him, he never came and I know he never intented to. He knows he can't vs now because the outcome of the vs will proof him for what he really is - a cheater. He came into the arena, sweared like a 12 year old and left as you can see in the screenshot below: https://imgur.com/gNICYhX few moments later: https://imgur.com/p1daw5U and he keeps on going xD: https://imgur.com/UOYvkL5 Nikos, do all of us a big favor and get rid of this guy please, obviously a 12 year old cheater.
  4. The entite F clan members are acting like 12 year olds rebelling their parents...
  5. I totally agree with Scorpionito... I think what this server is missing is a little more CZ action. This server offers lots of farming oppurtunities, therefor CZ/Bowl is kinda left off and pretty much boring most of the time. Gotta think of some new and interesting way to attract people to CZ, bowl more importantly ofcourse.
  6. For me its a yes, gonna spice things up in the market thats for sure.
  7. There is absolutely no way that he is legit. Hopefully for him, next time I vs him, he wont cheat...
  8. @NotSoBad What a pointless comment... Obviously you are no harm when u r afking at cz town.. When youre afking at bosses spawn locations thats a totally different story.
  9. This SERRANAZO guy is one of the most saltiest guys on the server. Trolling and talking shit at all times. PMing you dozens of times after you've been killed by their cowardly kids party(iCh4veTerOi, TheChasky). By cowardly I mean the mages that teleports them as soon as someone breathes at their direction. Not to mention the amount of spam shouting in CZ by that cancerous child SERRANAZO. This guy is the definition of a dirty mouth and should definitely be silenced for good.
  10. About RealNiggaRollCall. I have an half video of him vsing Brutality which is a good sin in 1v1+ he is well geared. RealNigga's gear should not be enough to even scratch Brutality. And yet in the video Nigga seems to be humiliating Brutality in a very suspicious way. I started filming when RealNigga was vsing Brutality fully naked, eventually he started putting his armor back on, when that happens he seems to be magically raising his HP to more than half... which theortically isnt even possible even if he started vsing with full armor on. This is the last phase of the vs where the sins that are vsing are mostly running out of MP. Not RealNigga tho ! As an experienced sin myself, no matter how good of a sin you are in 1v1's, sometimes theres nothing you can do against a well geared assasin. Not to mention Brutality which is more than that. I have another video of me vsing him right after Brutality, since I realized something was really off... in the video you can see me getting humiliated even tho I have much better daggers, elemental rings which he doesnt even use and a perfect vs combo-wise. 100% cheats. here are the videos so you can watch and judge for yourself. hopefully they would help somehow. Vs Brutality: Vsing me:
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