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  1. No need for that, it just needs to be more rewarding thats all. It aint fun grinding these mobs with only getting coins most of the time. People arent even trying anymore...
  2. 1) Perhaps Bravery Awards, I think there should be more ways of acquiring these. 2) I understand that, I can tell you only from my perspective that its a bit annoying killing a monster that isn't that easy to kill without getting a drop most of the time. I know it spawns faster etc... it's still frustrating... I see less and less people touch these mobs since their buff. Thats just my opinion... maybe im wrong.
  3. Hey, I have 2 suggestions I think you should consider. 1) Deathmatch event is nearly dead and isn't crazy as it used to be, and there is a very simple reason for that. The reward is kinda crappy, most of the people don't like this event anyway, making them join the event for 20 minutes will require a lot more than a chance of getting a trina or a blue chest. Change the reward to something that will motivate people to join, even if they don't like it. 2) It's a good thing you made the commandant that drops Juraid gems in bowl a bit harder to kill than what it used to be. But in my opinion, you should have at least made the drop rate a bit higher, my suggestion is make it with same stats (HP, DEF) and drop rate as Egos.
  4. As title says... PM HuckleberryFinn/Nim/Tazz in-game if you are selling.
  5. I agree, it shouldnt be anything crazy like gems, uniques etc but something that will motivate people to attack and not just afk. Which to be honest, I cannot blaim them. I never go FT because my eyes are getting closed while in there. And the fact that FT is a long event doesnt make it any less boring.
  6. I deleted my shio tears by mistake, thought its a Beginners Ring. It happened today at exactly 20:43 in moradon near human sundries. Please help me restore it
  7. im interested in the +8 armor prices?
  8. Selling: 2x Flame Ring 2x Selfname +7 Buying: Sherion +7 Dual Shios +1
  9. Agreed. I also suggest you make the frags drop shells/raptors etc at +3/+4 just like they drop from mobs. Will help get more +7/+8 items in the longrun, which will open up the market too. One more thing that needs to be fixed is the coin loot system. At the moment, the only person that can get x10/x50/x1000 etc, is the one that picks it, the rest in the party cant get the mutiplier. Make it that any1 in the party can get the multiplier even if they dont loot the money themselves.
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