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  1. Before I left the server I didn't sell my items, I gave them all to Drown. I had a really good items for that time and I could have kept on playing, but I just got bored... and who could blame me? Logging in a few times a day only to see an empty CZ is terrible... and even when there were a few people in cz, it wasnt enough cos there were always balance issues so you had to pray to the rivals to call more people so we can at least have some PK... There were times in this server where I logged in and there was PK non-stop, and it was like that for a while! It's time to make it hap
  2. What youre saying makes 0 sense. So you rather keep the server with 20 active people for good, rather than having another 6 months to 1 year of hundreds of people? And to address your claim of server lasting a month after the wipe and dieng all over again. you clearly don't know ProfessionalKO then. This server gets a wipe every year or so, and every time it gets a wipe hundreds of people join and play for months and months until the server eventually dies (which makes total sense since its a private server and not an official as much as u wish it to be so). Honestly, I don
  3. Why do people keep saying they kept the server alive? Having 8 people in cz every day isnt called keeping the server alive, its called clinging to a lost cause. Leeroy, I thought u were a PK guy so its weird seeing you saying no.. but thats yours.
  4. Server wipe would be the greatest thing that can ever happen to the server in its current situation. I mean no harm, and i do feel bad for those who kept playing everyday when the server was practically burried deep in the ground, but you should have thought about the fact that in the end, its a private server and not an official. Every private server will die eventually, you just need to be smart enough to realize that. And not spend all your free time farming items that will get you nowhere. Plus I dont get it, whats the fun in fighting the same 5 ppl everyday? P.S
  5. If servers gets a wipe, I expect a lot of people to make a comeback.
  6. Death


    Hello my fellow clannies and overall friends in ProfKo I didn't properly gave my farewell to you guys, because I was not sure myself about my future in the server. Truth is, I feel like I did my time here, I don't have the passion to login as I used to have because things got a little too boring for me, and of course I no longer have the drive to gear myself anymore. To say that I left because many people in the clan weren't the best players would be inaccurate, it's no secret that many players in the clan should improve their gameplay, and it can sometimes be frustrating losing
  7. Ty for the compliments boys ❤️ El morad: Warrior: k3bab/sculpy/gladi/Plein Priest int: Myrella Priest bp: shadows/Harunga Mage: None Archer: spitfire Sin: Drown Karus: Warrior: Jno/FnL Priest: NotSoBad/NgnKtn Mage: Hate Archer: None Bp: MaDxQ Sin: Geek/Nitric
  8. True, gems and frags should drop +6 shells and +6/7 high class weapons(just like DMs). @nikos32 @GM_Thanos @Vertigo
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