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  1. Recently my party( 1 party ) always vs with 2 or 3 pt orc...gamblers are no where to be found at cz as if they only exists on event to get more item to beautiful their character on the website and people keep saying too many human too many human
  2. and a little bit jealous and a little skeptical why and how this guy have so many gems? I try to change almost 300 merchant token and only can get 1 or 2 gems.. and jm only 2 or 3 times a week, right? I am not reporting, just curious cos i saw he's been selling a lot of it, twice or three times a week https://ibb.co/9YKyg4V pardon my english
  3. as i said try fight him and see...its hard to see and knows if you only play by his side...try against him...but what the use of talking to you too..you are his friend maybe even now in the same clan with him...many choose to join him now cos he's too pro... btw i believe in nikos judgment..let him do his job. period..i wont argue with anyone anymore pardon my grammar and syntax
  4. But you lover on that list lol .... pro combo? i met a lot of player a day and 95% of them keep mention tuke macro tuke koxp...true maybe he old player he is pro but don't forget other player also old timer and knows the difference between auto or manual. Dear Nikos if this Josef start play assasin kindly please check him too.
  5. he's your clannies of course you're on his side...try fight him and see how his damage is fast as assasin combo. But what the use of talking to you. You are his friend. You left all your friends to be with him so off course you gonna lick his ass.
  6. why bdw ring for poison 50 def and the rest 35? and how to get the ring? I mean the one who use it will be assasins and warriors using raptor...they hit hard enough...omg im dyinggggg 😣 btw good update pardon my english
  7. was using talia def club still sinister manage to aim and kill me easily
  8. not crying....stop being so negative to everything that people say, no one is superior no one is perfect. Everyone is teachable. Stop writing anything then if everything you said is crying...u so boring kind of human being!!! dont get married ur wife gonna hate you!!
  9. Recently it's very hard to login....do something about it please Its becoming annoying to try to login 20 times and still cannot enter pff, I really don't want this server to die cos to me this is the best private server i ever play in this 2 3 years times...Just do something about it ok? I hope for this server to last longer 💝
  10. 1- Ship War 2- Add new mob that drop something new and interesting at bowl such as gems or kc 100 3- Add better prize for bdw , gems for example 4-bdw neck and belt can be upgrade pardon my english and grammar, thanks
  11. Check on RAID3R ( archer ) too please...i am not sure how to spell his name, but he is weird, he comes to you, poof dead ...so fast combo. I don't accuse, just check please...I love this server...Gm is smart and have compassion 👍 gj
  12. dear gm, kindly check on player who use macro mouse also please p/s good players are just players that never get caught.... YET
  13. They been doing it for hours and won't allowed me to pass by. I even pm say don't kill. And then apple the greatest noob killer assasin came and kill me non stop I don't want gm to take any action i just want to share how gay this apple is and how evil this clan remember me is... I do insult him back called him gay ..say his mom is pathetic for having no compassion son like him...cos he makes me angry..he kill me non stop..i can't even move The one who bug abuse is ilovemikaelita, kratos, and zeus and apple is their bodyguard server time 6 am and above
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