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  1. Are you slow? You got caught thats why you got 2 strikes... Are you trying to say you didn't cheat... Cause clear as day you got caught and labeled a cheater. What's even more pathetic is someone who has to cheat at a simple game! Run along 2 striker!
  2. Yeah he sure did and you got caught so run along cheater! Also damn near everyone he has posted about has been caught cheating at some point!
  3. at this point don't much matter who cheats...You can use macro mouse/pedal with zero bans! and don't reply with weve banned macro users....HOW MANY DID YOU BAN FOR MACRO MOUSE/PEDAL I see you keep ignoring the question.....how many total...how many this month....instead which sky color do you guys like....o wait lets nerf mages again. you might aswell unban all people using a program if they can use a mouse/pedal its against rules yet silence...lots of high lvl accts of people who quit all of a sudden poof name change PRETTY SURE ip change too SOLD acct...but its ok cause gotta keep numbers up....yet months before bann....not hard to check each monthly ranked accts to see if shady shits happening and ban them so why not? afraid itll end the server?
  4. 1st lightning mages were destroyed.... Then ice mages... All while sins not being caught and punished for macro mouse/pedal....if nothing is done....not much left to say...
  5. I mentioned no clan or person, guessing you quoted wrong person. Also you must be new cause no server should a sin be able to tank 4 warriors with +1 max jewls and +7 gear.... Let alone survive para torment and helis...
  6. Pretty lame to close other topic on macro mouse/pedal....You said you have banned over 1,000 players for cheats aka macro. Yet! How many were for mouses/pedals? How many have been banned in the past month for mouses/pedals? No need to close a topic when honest questions are being made...I know you work hard to keep this server clean only reason i started playing after 12 years but sins being able to survive 4 warriors tanking is pretty ridiculous especially after being tormented parad and helis slamming them...
  7. Pretty sure were talking about sins using macro mouses/pedals which niko says is detectable but harder to track.... YET not a single one has been banned for the use since server started. When i duff a sin with torment and para with 2336atk he shouldn't be able to live.... Yet happens daily with multiple different sins.
  8. 1st they cried about stunn then mages got nerfed NOW people crying about ice slowing then they then AGAIN nerfed mages so use your lightfeet and run when you see a mage! Screw sins almost all using pedals and macro mouses to 60 minor i see NOTHING done about that............ And bps are supposed to rock you they die fast as hell! Sick of people bitching about mages and use pedals/macro mouses cause they suck to begin with!
  9. Sad he hasn't been banned or muted and no-one cares sins are using macro mouses to minor heal all day long in pk or solo egos...
  10. What's even more sad are rogues using macro mouses cause they suck to begin with!
  11. No doubt! Im not a clan member but this is bullshit! Gonna ban one or mute one is again BULLSHIT you got rules follow them being biased is weak!
  12. So first people cry about mages stunning then proceed to nerf them... People now complain about being slowed you then proceed again to nerf them... If you hate mages that much get rid of that class since you've basically made them obsolete... How about this make sins unable to minor so many 60 heals in a set time since everyone is going sin with macro mouses....don't forget to nerf fire mages they hit too hard........
  13. So you can't tell if a sin is using this for minor heal? It has to be detectable with amount of 60 minor heals within so many seconds.
  14. Jesus so many butt hurt people over words... What are you 12...can't handle words you're in for a surprise IRL! And no it's not my chart nor do i know em!
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