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  1. When multiple topics have been made and only to fall on blind eyes people get fed up with no response or bullshit ones! This server had the potential to be the best old school farm server ever released, With that said mages were nerfed multiple times then nerfed again. The long range attack *cough cough* visual bug pissed alot of people off aswell. Macro mouse is another issue that has been discussed only to be told it's detectable we caught two people using them.... I've been playing since myko cypher server then usko diez and i know for a fact long range attack is NOT a visual bug... I also know a rogue completely debuffed being hit with helis can't minor heal his way out let alone win! People were banned for buying gear in the beginning by people reporting and the GM checking IPs and seeing gear givin with no GBs exchange yet now who cares... People are told report report report snap shot snap shot do OUR job only to be ignored or told it's a bug we found nothing wrong, What color would you guys like the sky to be....GMs have been very inactive haven't seen a simple key quest in months. No one who plays the game should ever ever be allowed to be a GM it's called conflict of interest! Catering to a big clan cause if you piss them off they will leave is another issue, This is just a pk server now which made all those months of farming a waste of time only to give out full gear to beginners which in my eyes is a slap to alot that spent countless hours farming/buying/upgrading... The new gem increased odds for 15mill a pop was made to take GBs out the system to try and stabilize the market prices, i mean seriously people wanting 100gbs for 1 mediocre item is insane! Another issue is warning/mute/bann/perm bann only applies to certain people or maybe how the GMs feeling that day! Bps R skill =shit guess to "balance" charts which is bs. I could go on and on but PLENTY of topics have been made and ignored or told nothing to see move along. Just my opinion from basically the start of the server and what I've seen/read/experience.
  2. Don't waste your 15mill a pop on gems it's only to take gbs out the game....you say higher rate and i just laugh when getting the same damn worthless shit without spending the 15mill...what's higher rate mean. .0001%.....
  3. Didn't know stating facts about people still using macro mouses and buying gear with real money was crying.... Also this is a open forum I'll post where i want!
  4. You're nothing more then a cheater supporting scumbag! Shows you have zero integrity!
  5. Never said it was you using a macro mouse did i... Never said you left the game did i... Again never said you paid cash for goods did i ya fuck! Call me ignorant and throwing around accusations when i not once mentioned a name did i.... Now thats called ignorant!
  6. Not surprised when still sins running around with macro mouses...I love how people quit the game came back naked and within days fully geared guess they had 700gbs sitting around... O wait they paid cash....
  7. The real question should be WHY has the server gone dead....Also as i stated before on another topic no new people will come when a single OK item cost 100gbs that's retarded! Your minority is now your majority might want to start listening to suggestion. I won't add any as multiple posts have talked about main issues and ignored!
  8. 850 gbs.... Gratz and also no wonder new people are turned off from joining....Next well need a 200gb bar!
  9. ITS BEEN MONTHS don't know what your definition of instant is.....he says macro mouse is illegal yet he won't say whos been caught, and please don't add the old ass we've banned thousands for macro IM TALKING about macro mouses! How many have been caught no answer =zero! Then ignores topics about it has no real answer or update again FOR MONTHS so spare me the "instant" fix bs....
  10. This topic has 320 views...2 shit replies that are just vague at best. So with that said silence is consent macro mouse/pedals are legal!!! No response since your vague one, no we're looking into it, no we've caught so and so and banned them just silence.....nice way to run a game....but hey you're the owner so screw it.
  11. Its been reported for MONTHS with zero shits given.... Along with macro mouse again zero shits given.... Bp r skill fail zero shits given.... Yeah lets wait im sure nikos cares....
  12. This isn't drama it's about macro mouses.... Or can't you read! He should do it for a week and watch what happens!
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