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  1. Buy rogue shell pauld/pads/boots/gaunts +7s 120mill each!
  2. Hmmm i see harunga original leader of loyalty left clan made new one...dankgaming left clan then nation changed orc and name changed to 0000000 so obviously there is a major issue... For shits and giggles would love to know how many of those 70 gbs was split and with who.... Something shady going on for sure! Shit i couldn't even get a dime ingame for a roc/ce party drop...
  3. Pretty lame the topic was erased not even locked...known players names were posted and zero bans... In other words you can buy/sell gear! Either ban them all or unban those that were banned for usd sales. Can't even get a straight fucking clear cut answer... Not complicated at all your rules make it clear if you've changed your mind change the rules and unban people... Macro some jail others banned buy/sell for usd some banned others it's ok makes this server look shady as fuck! About as shady as making the last topic with massive views and post just vanish....
  4. Nope i check panel and forum "this pinned post" and it wasn't updated in days, Your panel was.
  5. Day 9 still no update...I'll keep posting how many days till we see results!
  6. It's been 8 days no new updated list, Also seems less and less gm activity...
  7. I wasn't even on so don't much give a shit, I do however find you saying "all of them are scammers" deplorable! I'm literally the 1% that farms all my gear don't ask for shit never "baba shopped" anything and don't give a flying fuck about a virtual item....IT IS A FUCKING VIRTUAL ITEM!!! After not playing for damn near 10 years i can see the same 1,000 people go server to server to fuck people over for a few $ it's pathetic! It's a fucking game...fuck GB sellers! fuck babashoppers! And the 99% of the toxic cut throat fags that help destroy what was once a awesome game/community! /rant over
  8. What is the deal with FT I'm on for both sometimes days other nights aswell... ALWAYS register only to be taken off... NOT ONCE have i gotten in, Seems like the same people get it and make tons in market....
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