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  1. The real question should be WHY has the server gone dead....Also as i stated before on another topic no new people will come when a single OK item cost 100gbs that's retarded! Your minority is now your majority might want to start listening to suggestion. I won't add any as multiple posts have talked about main issues and ignored!
  2. 850 gbs.... Gratz and also no wonder new people are turned off from joining....Next well need a 200gb bar!
  3. ITS BEEN MONTHS don't know what your definition of instant is.....he says macro mouse is illegal yet he won't say whos been caught, and please don't add the old ass we've banned thousands for macro IM TALKING about macro mouses! How many have been caught no answer =zero! Then ignores topics about it has no real answer or update again FOR MONTHS so spare me the "instant" fix bs....
  4. This topic has 320 views...2 shit replies that are just vague at best. So with that said silence is consent macro mouse/pedals are legal!!! No response since your vague one, no we're looking into it, no we've caught so and so and banned them just silence.....nice way to run a game....but hey you're the owner so screw it.
  5. Its been reported for MONTHS with zero shits given.... Along with macro mouse again zero shits given.... Bp r skill fail zero shits given.... Yeah lets wait im sure nikos cares....
  6. This isn't drama it's about macro mouses.... Or can't you read! He should do it for a week and watch what happens!
  7. 1st lower stun rate which basically shit on light mages... 2nd ice slows me too much... Proceeds to lower ice rate again shitting on mages... 3rd mages are running around with a shield and off hand weapon... YET AGAIN SHITS on mages and proceeds to block it.... YOU hate mages so much why don't you just get rid of the fucking class....Lowest hp/deff/atk yet lets lower it more and more and more.... MEANWHILE we won't address macro mouse/pedal rogues.....great concept.....
  8. So it's been over a month and just silence...How many macro mouse/pedal users have been banned? I still see plenty of sins in cz daily using it.... If we're going to pretend it's not a issue then make it legal and I'll start posting top of the line mouses and pedals for sale with discounts....server has dropped well below 200 for a while and will get worse with how some accounts are treated and how others aren't, Mages shit on multiple times and total silence on macro sins...........
  9. Are you slow? You got caught thats why you got 2 strikes... Are you trying to say you didn't cheat... Cause clear as day you got caught and labeled a cheater. What's even more pathetic is someone who has to cheat at a simple game! Run along 2 striker!
  10. Yeah he sure did and you got caught so run along cheater! Also damn near everyone he has posted about has been caught cheating at some point!
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