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  1. @QuaDTueYou can only exchange blue shards for Garges wepons not Legendary wepons. For Ascalon you need Legendary coupons. Read the update topic again you will understand better.
  2. Instead of talking about something everyone knows about maybe come up with something that would actually help?
  3. Perhaps something else for now, because getting priest chitin from 10k ladder points ain't fun.
  4. @nikos32 @GM_Thanos Maybe it's time to update the ladder points? I think it would be a good idea to add Legendary Weapon Token as a reward when we change our ladder points. Ladders are not easily made, the current rewards from ladder points are really bad tbh they just don't make sense for the amount of time players spend earning them. I hope you guys would take this into consideration. P.S Nice update!
  5. Yeah I agree something has to be done with the elemental dmg. Resistance overall for every class is pretty high actually I'd say too much considering bdw ring's which are the best rings atm only give's 15 elemental dmg. 1x valk+7 alone almost takes away the elemental dmg from 1x bdw ring, Either the elemental has to be boosted back like the old days or ROF has to be released in my opinion. It's up to @nikos32
  6. Unholy and others were already new shield's and no new wep was introduced at the time.
  7. Maybe record it next time? Or at least try to attack. It does not show you're blocked by an object.
  8. @nikos32Maybe it's time to add MOC to apos/deru's? Maybe add them in luff,emc as well so new players can farm some medals and make rc/bc themselves and also other items. It's impossible for them to solo Boroo's and the only other way is killing 200 Ego's to get 50 medals which will take a long time as melee new comers so they switch on paper mage which they would get raided pretty much non stop by others looking for action my self included. Yes events gives lot's of medals too but maybe some of them wants to get geared a lil before they can play properly in those events, because they would be the first targets there. 2. Adding some farming mobs to luff or eslant(lower drop rate) so we could spend our time farming and not running back to spot after getting killed. @nikos32 as @AlextazYsaid adding more farming mobs that's easier for them to solo like mini dm maybe with lower drop rate.
  9. That it is obvious because of the Weapon range. I was being sarcastic
  10. @AppleDude what am I crying about? Seriously like what? Are you just looking for drama or got literally nothing else to come at me? In which way does it seem that I'm crying by asking @nikos32 to just check who voted because I've never seen some of the names who voted. I think it's time for you to grow up a little @Apple maybe buy a dictionary? If you do follow my lovely advise you might find other words than ''cry'' I'm not sure if you used google translate but I don't think you did, Might wanna use it next time, I think it does a better job than you trying to say which I don't really know what you're trying to say. I forgot why you're not in RememberMe anymore? Weren't you one of the leaders? PS I don't have respect for you maybe it's just because I know you longer.
  11. @nikos32I never saw some of the names that have voted, you might wanna check for ip
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