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  1. Those who assume that i npt get your facts right. Here is what happened, SpeedisBack killed him(IDontCare) 3-4 times in town spike. Keep in mind IDonCare was killed in the matter of 1-3 hours which means almost 30 minutes between each kills. Speed did not kill IDontCare more then 5 times. Anyone here please tell me or show your proof WHO HAS BEEN BANNED for killing someone 5 times in 1-3hours duration?? Please show me. Not to mention I DID NOT EVEN (TOUCH) IDONTCATE. I need to npt now?? When the server about to get a wipe and I'm already top rank on the human side yea it makes good sense for
  2. I'm waiting for Nikos to check every log, every kill and everything there is to check starting from the time I was online till I was banned.
  3. @GM_Thanos Can you explain why I'm banned? You're getting out of hand thanos. Show me the proof that I NPT. You're going to tell me we npt using IDontCare? 1-IDontCare was not killed even 10 times by SpeedisBack in townspike 2-Did you even bother to check If i was on IDontCare?? 3- Did any of us had the same IP address? 4-(Did GLaDiaToR888 kill IDontCare)??? @nikos32 Please check what Thanos did. Also Please check all the logs on IDontCare,my warrior and Speed if we did npt. @nikos32 I have been in this server for 1 year 2 months plus and have not even once
  4. Oh im not talking about relaunch or not. Just getting facts right when you said it was only your clan and gamblers. I personally have only seen you online 2 or 3 times for the past 4 months. But yeah maybe you know what's going on in server better then I do. Anyway lets wait and see what the future holds
  5. @Sky Are you sure it was only your clan and gamblers? We've been the only clan on orc side more times i can remember fighting against not 1 clan but 2 or 3 at the same times and different times. First Fortitude and Anubis even before that most of the time we were keeping pk alive being only clan orc side when you guys NT'ed to humans for easy pk.
  6. And who are you? I said no but I can't be busy irl? So in your point of view whoever says no gotta be online 24/7? Man it never seems to amaze me how some people just make their own assumptions.
  7. This poor soul keeps bringing up my name? I have 10 accounts online? lol What is your point showing SS of other players? You're too upset you sold your items for $ and want a wipe so you can start again? Stop bringing up others when they want (NOTHING) to do with people like you. Twice you called me out man go talk some place else ain't got time to waste on little shits like you. By the way not that it matters to you I have no problem with wipe at all. It might turn out to be good or just really bad which is why i voted no. I forgot why I'm even wasting my time on you. Hope to not cya
  8. Obvious for what reason exactly? Also talk in english please, this server is international and not everyone speaks or understands Turkish.
  9. I'm not thinking poor at all. I've seen too many server's do wipe and the server would only look good for couple of weeks maybe for couple of months max and be dead after that. I'm sure almost everyone here have good experience in KO life so they would know what I'm talking about. I'm not saying wipe would be good or bad but most of the times it dosen't end well for the server after couple of months max.
  10. No for me. Many players have been spending their time here and been loyal to the server. There was a time where many old players simply gave up to keep the server interesting and alive and there was only 20 players online but those players kept the server running by playing and bringing activity in pk/farm etc. Server is just fine the way I look at it, there's still pk going on almost everyday. GLaDiaToR888
  11. https://ibb.co/HVj3nn1 Give me an offer here on in-game thanks.
  12. I have question @Rhun didn't Goddess try to kill :S: and less then 10min later Thanos was online and :S: was banned? And from what I know you are right first offence is jail. Like all the 5 players i reported were jailed and not banned. How come :S: got banned with no warning,no announcement.. Hmm weird
  13. As you can see from previous cases thanos likes to ban people for the stupidest thing called visual bug and he calls it abusing wall glitch. Thanos this is what i call abusing wall glitch. Nothing compared to what my mage did (with proof) and my mage is still banned!! The short video by @SonnyChoppas shows you Scooby_Doo and Androide17 glitching. My beautiful video will show you all the 5 players in the party glitching. 1.Andriode17 2.Scooby_Doo 3.POWERTITAN 4.Duke 5.Fermurian Don't give my some nonsense only the mage was glitching and the ot
  14. Everyone here knows visual bugs happen to every player in game. But because of a stupid visual bug you banned my mage. Certain players did much much worse things including macro,tbl etc and they were banned for few days and not permanently. Banning someone permanently for visual bug makes 0 sense and everyone can see what injustice is being done here. Very very poor job
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