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  1. @nikos32 1. Why isn't RL map working anymore? I thought it was going to be every weekends. 2. Isn't the new update supposed to be yesterday? I hope everything is alright, do keep us updated please.
  2. Everyone who is crying about bf rings +1 being too expensive clearly have not spent gbs making them. You want good gear? SPEND GBS FOR IT!! You don't wanna buy it? Make it yourself. it is as simple as that. FR+0 use to cost 25-30gbs in which way it does not make sense for it to cost 150-200 at +1? or do you want me to teach you some basic math's if so here it is. put it at 25gb's +0 x3=75gb and looking at the rate which is 30% it should be worth more than 220gbs. Those who wanna say they made one +1 with just 1 try go make another one or two and tell me how it went. These people who are cryin
  3. @nikos32 The lags are very bad for MY players and it's been like this everyday for almost 5 days now. Please check. @nikos32 someone is creating drama/insults!!
  4. https://ibb.co/2nssgRd https://ibb.co/rwhDR7r https://ibb.co/vB40Hd4 https://ibb.co/b706Vxz https://ibb.co/jGcV3pL Please check every SS and read the conversation's @nikos32 This Conversation was between my clannie and Majesty, I pm'ed Majesty but he did not reply so I asked my clannie to ask him why he had Jailed me and above are the SS from the conversation's. This happened on the 11th of February. I was not afk but did not attack for 20-30 seconds at max and got Jailed by him. When my clannie asked him why, he said he jailed everyone who did not attack for 20 s
  5. I like how many dumbass pm's me in a day saying I'm GM_Zeus I guess you're one of them too @BigHunter . Keep assuming. Also soon I will report Majesty for Jailing people for fun. Or should I say he jail me because I'm a member of OurDayWillCome? When you talk or write something @BigHunter let it be of some sense and facts rather than just talking bullshit, talk some sense please kid ty.
  6. 1. Increase the drop rate of Iron necklace in Eslant (both nations), btwn I have not seen any IN drop in human side or maybe I was offline at that time. But either way the drop rate of IN should be increased by now. Or maybe you can make a quest on SQ, meaning kill 200 SQ and you receive an IN.(The number of kills required is up to you guys) Only the person who has the most dmg on it gets the kill quest and not the entire party. 2. It's time to add better rewards on Merchant tokens ex= -Moc -Ft coupons (with low rate) -Gem's from (JM) can be low rate too -Increase the
  7. 2-3? There was 1 orc pt and 1 human pt When and where? Do you have proof? Are you really retarded or just stupid? GM's can initiate certain events whenever they want, It does not have to be on event (calendar). There was an human pt (my pt) and an orc pt. Maybe you were sleeping that time. Also I was in bdw not even 30min ago before restart and @Gm_Ares was there talking to all of us while we were fighting. I must have 4 hands I guess.
  8. So this guy PM's me using one of his char (Trina) asking me if I'm GM_Zeus and I said that I'm not. I do not have an SS of that but I do have this ridiculous accusation's thrown at me for no fkin reason at all. Out of no where he's cursing and calling me names. Either this guy is sick in the head or retarded or maybe he was dropped as a baby for him to be acting like this. The SS's are below and I hope @nikos32@GM_Thanos@GM_Zeus@GM_Zoe can take harsh action on this guy. I would also appreciate if @nikos32 can show us what is this guy's main character. Ty https://ibb.co/Jk4cnPQ
  9. I agree, Trina piece should be 20 VP or even higher.
  10. I've seen GM warning people to stop slow walking at the back, might have even Jailed some of them that you don't know of. But something must be done against those players doing that. Imagine if everyone do the same, no one would complete FT and the dumbasses can't seem to get that I guess.
  11. Everyone's been waiting for this update, Gj @nikos32 nicely done.
  12. Brain has nothing to do with this. This kind of behaviour is UNACTABLE and I hope @nikos32 punishes them harshly so they will think twice before doing a brainless act like this. PS people who do shit like this are brainless.
  13. https://ibb.co/cFPp2CD IMrMonarcH and his priest Mathilda both spam traded me while i was killing HQ. If there is more proof required I will also post the SS taken on my bp. Everyone should know what kind of person IMrMonarcH and beware of retarded kids like this. Please take action on both of them. TY
  14. This character BelloraPhontes was afk the entire time during bdw and did not get jailed after 5minutes. It's clearly a merchant character with no weapon on him and beginner items. https://ibb.co/HTGs83y Please take the necessary action. Ty
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