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  1. your clan application has been declined
  2. You don't have to be sorry bro, your opinion doesn't matter at all. 👍
  3. kanka bu manyak bi espri yalnız
  4. alkol... siz niye bu başlıktasınız klanınız var zaten
  5. edit butonu var dostum düzeltmek istesem tıklardım. Sana mı tıkladım noldu?
  6. Aç gözlü ve öfkeli oyuncularin olmadığı clan, bekleriz
  7. I tought it was my inn page happened 21:59 server time Character name: plasteline
  8. i think your partner also used macro. Is that how you farmed your IN?
  9. You should chose better partners, or alter-egos also, how are you so sure 'your partner' lost the IN while scamming others, maybe he just stole it for himself?
  10. did you try disabling your firewall and running the launcher as administrator?
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